12 Jan 2015

This Police Officer’s Body Camera Clearly Illustrates The Danger Cops Face Every Day

While the left and the mainstream media has been busy trying to destroy the reputations of police officers nationwide we should remember that they regularly put their lives on the line while enforcing the law.

This video clearly illustrates one of those times, footage from this officer’s lapel camera shows a motorist opening a driver door and firing shots at him as the he grunts and falls to the ground.

A man suspected of shooting and wounding a police officer during a weekend traffic stop was homeless and driving a stolen SUV when he was pulled over, Albuquerque Police Chief Gordon Eden said Tuesday.

The manhunt for Christopher Cook, 36, proved difficult because he had been moving around, and acquaintances severed ties with him, Eden said during a news conference.

Cook was arrested early Tuesday after Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies saw him staggering on a street near Albuquerque and went to check on him because of cold temperatures, authorities said.

He was taken into custody and later linked through fingerprints and DNA to the shooting of Officer Lou Golson, Eden said.
“If these deputies had not taken the initiative to engage with (Cook), we’d still be looking for him,” Eden said.

Golson was shot multiple times as he tried to question Cook early Saturday during a stop on suspected drunken driving, Eden said.

Video footage from Golson’s lapel camera shows a motorist opening a driver door and firing shots at Golson as the officer grunts and falls to the ground.

Golson then unloads eight shots into a door of the motorist’s silver Isuzu, which police say was stolen. After that, the man is seen fleeing the scene.

According to criminal complaints, Golson suffered a gunshot wound in the abdomen.

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