8 Jan 2015

“The Best Resistance To These Thugs Is More Freedom — Loud, Audacious Freedom Of Speech”

Judge Andrew Napolitano was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” to call for more freedom of speech following the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris.
JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: It really shows the radical difference between laws in America and laws in Europe. The penalty here for providing materiel assistance, human beings trained to become terrorists, to a terrorist organization, is 20 years.
And if a death is caused as a result of what you did, even though you didn’t pull the trigger, it’s the death penalty. Now, there’s no death penalty in Europe, and the laws are obviously radically different.
I was in Paris in June. I just learned two hours ago that the Parisian police, most of them, don’t carry weapons.

So it’s an entirely different mind-set about what to do to keep us safe.

I hope it’s not a different mind-set about freedom.
We just heard the president of France say we’re not going to be afraid to express ourselves.
I hope they’re not afraid to express themselves because the best resistance to these kind of thugs is more freedom. Loud, audacious freedom of speech about any public person and any idea…

Read MOre:http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/01/07/judge_andrew_napolitano_best_resistance_to_thugs_more_freedom_loud_audacious_freedom_of_speech.html 


  1. Whoa, Andrew, looks like he has lost weight. Haven't seen him in a while, maybe, this is something he is working at, i.e., weight loss.

    I, noticed ol Shepard made sure he did his bit for the 9/11 lie, "Attacked us" -indeed. Everything these talking heads do has a motive, like cats covering up their own poop, they are.

    Nothing is as it seems.