9 Jan 2015

Someone is Targeting NYPD Vehicles With Secret and Deadly New Tactic

Someone is intentionally sabotaging NYPD vehicles. And the results could likely be deadly.
The New York Post is reporting that the New York Police Department issued a written memo Tuesday warning all commands to be aware of many recent attempts by an unknown perpetrator, or perpetrators, to remove the lug nuts from the personal cars and patrol units of officers.
This secret and cowardly act is likely a part of the on-going anti-police demonstrations throughout New York City in recent months. 
The most recent example of the anti-cop sabotage was discovered around 8 p.m. on Tuesday by an officer about to enter his private vehicle on De Kalb Avenue near Patrol Borough Brooklyn North headquarters.
The cop first noticed his windshield wipers had been tampered with, prompting him to give the car a quick once-over after remembering previous instances where lug nuts had been loosened on patrol cars.

He saw that all four tires had loosened lug nuts, and immediately alerted his supervisor. A team of officers were sent to check other police vehicles in the area.
Investigators found that lug nuts were loosened on another officer’s personal car parked in a “Police Only” zone, as well as a civilian employee’s car which had its lugs completely removed.
Police then searched parking lots in the area around Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Headquarters and found that lug nuts had been loosened on two unmarked NYPD vehicles in a lot used by police supervisors.
The results, of course, could prove to be deadly, both for any officers unlucky enough to be involved in such merciless random incidents, as well as anyone else who happens to be on the road at the same time with them.
Removing or loosening the lug nuts from any vehicle has the potential to cause split-second and unexpected accidents and fatalities.
The Daily Caller has more:
Station house security has been directed to watch for unauthorized persons lingering about these areas as well as detain and question any person who is found to have tools that would facilitate the removal of car lug nuts.

Additionally, police officers have been urged to check their cars’ lug nuts before operating the vehicles, regardless of where they plan to start the vehicle.
See the actual memo below:
Let’s hope this is an isolated incident, and not indicative of a new and dangerous kind of trend against police officers.


  1. freewheelinfranklin5439 January 2015 at 09:19

    I remember postin a story where a couplea hundred police cars in the police lot had ALL their lugnuts taken off! Bizarre!

  2. The car will "wobble" and go lumpity lump. Only a DRUNK would not immediately realize something is wrong and stop. These whining-willies need to get into a line of work where they are not "terrified" all the time. Obviously they are too scared to be cops.

  3. Surrrrre they are..oh boo who cops we are not buying your BS anymore if this is going on look for the guys in the blue uniforms.

  4. These were done by cops; i bet anyone. I know, I worked with them for 10 years. Cops are high school kids that never growup and is always looking for a prank to their benefit.

  5. The pig strike in NYC proves that police are unnecessary.
    Expect an increase in police-funded crime so they can get back their jobs as professional extortionists.

  6. Sad...but those Cry babies are just looking for more attention and compassion...What goes around comes around. Police officers need to learn to respect the people before the people respect them. Simple as that. Now go learn some manners cop!