31 Jan 2015

Restaurant boss makes employees speak English, look how liberals respond

A restaurant owner in Palm Springs, Calif. is under fire after instructing his employees to speak ‘English only” on the dining room floor.
“Billy Reed’s employees please do not speak Spanish to other employees anywhere in the restaurant except when necessary on the cook line, that means not in the waitress stations or at the front desk,” the restaurant sign says. 
Afraid for his job, the employee told us he overheard the restaurant’s general manager warning a co-worker.
“He said that the boss was going to fire the first one he heard talking in Spanish,” the employee said.
Reed said he changed the rule after customers told him they felt “uncomfortable” with the employees speaking Spanish in front of them. It made them feel like they were talking bad about them or being secretive.
But the employees view the new rule as discriminatory.
“I talk to my co-workers in Spanish, that makes me feel very upset not being able to talk to them in Spanish. I do feel discriminated. I know we are in America. We have to talk in English. At the same time, we speak Spanish, that’s my first language,” the employee said.
Luckily for liberals, the rule might not be easily enforced.
Is it legal for employers to require workers not speak their native tongue?
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states rules requiring employees to speak only English in the workplace violate the law unless they are reasonably necessary to the operation of the business.


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