20 Jan 2015

Photos Of Food The Poor Can Afford Daily Shows What Poverty Looks Like Around The World

The Poverty Line is a series by photographer Stefen Chow and economist Hui-Yi Lin that asks the simple question: What does poverty mean in different countries? By carefully researching each country's economy, the photographer is able to translate that data cohesively, creating a visual representation of the edibles one could potentially fit into their daily food budget.

Chow explains: "We are not simply trying to compare poverty in different countries; we want to create a way to understand poverty within the context of a single country. By first calculating a per-person, per-day expenditure based on the country’s national poverty line, we produced a visual representation of everyday food items that would be accessible within that country for that amount of money."

Dubai, UAE
Apples. 11.08 Emirati Dirham (3.02 USD, 2.30 EUR).

Noida, India
Cabbages. 32 Indian Rupee (0.60 USD, 0.46 EUR).

New York, USA
Cheeseburgers. 4.90 US dollars (3.60 EUR).

Rio de Janeiro , Brazil
Bananas. 2.33 Brazilian Real (1.23 USD, 0.93 EUR).

Canned Smoked Herring. 5.85 British Pound Sterling (9.47 USD, 7.01 EUR).

Sydney, Australia
Scallops. 7.52 Australian Dollar (8.02 USD, 5.61 EUR).

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Pointed Cabbages. 4.83 euros (6.27 USD).

Seoul, South Korea
Kimchi Fishcake Skewers. 2,415 South Korean Won (2.15 USD, 1.68 EUR).

Arles, France
Black Rice. 5.60 Euros (7.68 USD).

Geneva, Switzerland
Pasta. 7.97 Swiss Francs (10.25 USD, 7.15 EUR).

Beijing, China
Plain Buns. 6.30 renminbi (0.99 USD, 0.75 EUR).

Hamburg, Germany
Sausages. 4.82 euros (6.61 USD).

Antananarivo, Madagascar
Bananas. 127.37 Malagasy Ariary (0.64 USD, 0.51 EUR).

Hong Kong
Dragon Fruit. 44.96 Hong Kong Dollars (5.77 USD, 4.01 EUR).

Tokyo, Japan
Octopus Tentacle. 394 Japanese Yen (4.84 USD, 3.51 EUR).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Instant Noodles. 4.17 Malaysian Ringgit (1.33 USD, 0.99 EUR).

Kathmandu, Nepal
Limes. 32.88 NPR (0.45 USD, 0.32 EUR).

Bangkok, Thailand
Fried Tofu Cubes. 52.87 Thai Baht (1.71 USD, 1.19 EUR).

Port Louis, Mauritius
Parrot Fish. 127.37 Mauritian Rupees (4.37 USD, 3.08 EUR).

The project, which began in China in 2010, has expanded over the years and includes 24 countries across 6 continents, so far. To see more visual examples of the poverty line from each of these countries, head over the project's website.


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