13 Jan 2015

NBC Reporter dons Tin Foil hat. Blames U.S. for Centuries-old Islamic Extremism

 NBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin reported on Islamic Extremism for Meet the Press this past weekend.  Apparently the ‘journalist’ decided to take the stance that Islamic Jihadists are somehow victims.  Victims of what?  He partially blames it on the economy and those who he deems to be politically disenfranchised (seriously, that could describe most of the United States).  But Mohyeldin goes even further and decides that it’s the actions of the United States military in foreign countries that are to blame for Islamic extremism.

What this ‘journalist’ hasn’t seemed to study is the history of Islamic Jihadism.  Islamic Jihadism has been occurring for centuries; long before the United States was even a thought in anyone’s mind.  Yet somehow that historical fact seems to delude the delusional tin foil hat wearer. 
The segment began with the NBC reporter highlighting how America’s Muslim leaders are working with the local community to assimilate “a constant stream of new immigrants” entering the United States. After detailing how American Muslims assimilate at higher rates than their European counterparts, Mohyeldin insisted that U.S. actions have contributed to radicalism:

For some, radicalization and attacks against the U.S. stems from anger at American foreign policies and wars in the Middle East. While the overwhelming majority of Muslims have successfully assimilated and integrated into U.S. society, the challenge remains to find individuals who may be on the fringes of the communities and are also alienated.
The NBC reporter then turned to Muslim activist Kassem Allie to blame anti-Muslim attitudes in America for the rise of extremism:
Whether it’s the internet or television, this Islamophobia that has been going on for the last several years has been — has hurt. It has really hurt.
The segment concluded with Mohyeldin claiming that the true victims of terrorism is the Muslim community and how “with every attack carried out around the world, it’s the Muslim community that feels the blowback.”

Read MOre:http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/nbc-reporter-dons-tin-foil-hat-blames-u-s-for-centuries-old-islamic-extremism


  1. and this is a problem because......?

  2. Both the concept and the reality of jihad are far from being new; however, it's too obvious that some people bear enormous responsibility in so far as modern jihad, which started, everyone knows how, in Afghanistan in the 80s.
    Whatever existed before, be it in Egypt, in Iraq, or in Palestine, had nothing to do with jihad: they were wars of independence or internal wars.

  3. Centuries ago Muslims had jihad and Christians burnt unbelievers at the stake. Then both sides got more civilized. The Muslims *first*, mind you. But the European enlightenment created industrial powerhouses which "colonized" (enslaved) the remainder of the world. After the Ottomans were displaced in WWI, the middle east fell to western powers, who then spent the next 60 years imposing their wills from afar, usually in the most cack-handed way possible and with zero regard for the people actually living there. When jihad started becoming a popular idea as a result, the west cynically stoked the fires of jihadism because it was convenient in their cold war against the USSR. Now the west complains about how the same jihadists they funded while dropping bombs from drones on weddings full of innocents and propping up quisling dictators who abuse them.

    But you are right. Obviously they hate us because of our freedom. They are comic book villains who just woke up one day and decided to drop everything in their lives and just start blowing shit up. And don't try to fall back on the idea that the Koran tells them to. The bible commands Christians to burn witches and not eat pork or work on the Sabbath. Amazingly, people are pretty good at ignoring ridiculous ideas out of 1000 year old books. Same with jihad. It had fallen into disuse as a historical oddity until the west made it relevant again.

  4. any sane person knows "islamic jihadism" is run by the west.

    notice how the big bad hew hating moooooslims never attack Israel?

    how conveniant.

    im shocked to hear the truth mention on a mainstream news channel for the first time in my life. is this a sign?

  5. Its probably a staged piece for publications like this one to present the actual reality of the situation as something only crazy people would imagine.

  6. It was not Muslims that invaded and occupied America - it was Jews and their treasonous white helpers that invaded the Muslim lands. The Muslim problem is about Multiculturalism and Multiculturalism is part of the Jewish problem. The Muslim problem will only be solved when control of America culture, society and government is wrested from the Jews, who are out to destroy Western Civ.

  7. What is the name of it, when the Chatolic church chopped the heads of, anyone whom didnt convert on the soptt, was decapitated.
    This was done in the scandinavian lands.
    Yea, sounds familiare, dont it.
    And so on, and dont forgett the entire world.
    Where Buddists slaughtered thousands of Christians whitout a single Pipp coming from the "conserned" people in the west.
    How "evil" must the teachings of Budda be.
    Do enlighten us.
    tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Religion have been, and stil is, used as a "conviniant exuse" to impliment anything raging from sane to insane "regulations" aka fatwas and so on, non of them is directly taken from their representative prophets.
    DO YOU understand this, sunbtle difference between the various alegations thrown in virtually every direction and thats done by majorety whom dont even know what their own prophet infact have sayed.

    I rule of thumbs, its no problem to see the splinter in another mans eyes, and overlooks the rodd in your own eyes.
    And why on earth, shold Ahmed apologize for what a person did that is from the same people that He is, nor in any religios setting apologize for other individuals actions. He is no more guilty than You are, right, the Christians salughterings of several lands, with drones to regulare warfare, dayli killings.
    And so on.
    And YOU claime to be The VICTIM.
    YOU make me sick.


  8. It's called "blowback", people. There are actual consequences for meddling in other people's countries-what a concept! Sure, "Islamic extremists" have existed for centuries. Maybe letting our governments arm them and turn them into a threat in the first place wasn't such a good idea, you think? Or don't you?

  9. Jews have seethed with hate for Christ for 2,000 years. More then they seeth toward Egypt,Babylon/Iraq and all other NON-Jews. Thank the ADL,SPLC, ACLU,for INJECTING these foreign viruses into OUR society with their "tolerance, diversity, inclusion" aimed and designed to fracture and infect OUR White, Christian,Western, People. Even as they BRAG that they are creating a"PURE JEWISH" Israel.

  10. Shout it from the rooftops brother.

  11. "Forage" means "to pick through garbage" and it is an appropriate name for this site.

  12. Before US entanglement with the zionist trouble makers of the world, we the people had no enemies in the middle east....they LOVED us for our freedoms.