2 Jan 2015

Here Are 10 Things For Conservatives To Be Thankful For In 2015

After all the bad news this past year and all the turmoil that is currently going on in this nation, it would be easy to become depressed about 2015 and its prospects. But it need not be so. If we stop to think about it, we have much to be thankful and positive about as 2015 dawns.
1. The 2014 Election. Very soon we will have the most conservative Congress in recent memory. The RINOs may not like it, but imagine what the potential is with half a dozen more Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees in the Senate. Imagine what another dozen Trey Gowdys, Louie Gomerts, and Jason Chaffetzes will do in the House.
One of the best parts of this scenario is that Harry Reid is no longer in charge. President Obama cannot rely on Reid and other Democrats to carry his water any more. He will have to “man up” and use his veto pen if he wants to stop the American people’s agenda from becoming law. Maybe now, the Congress will be able to discharge its Constitutional duties; derelict the past eight years.

Of course, We The People, will have to hold their feet to the fire. RINOism is far from dead. Every newly elected and re-elected member of Congress needs to feel the heat from the American people. The status quo of mediocrity and decline we have been on is no longer acceptable.

2. Fracking. The green energy movement and “global warming” fear-mongering is dead – replaced by the common sense market-based production of American shale gas and oil. Gas prices, home heating oil prices, diesel fuel, and petroleum-based product prices are all falling. The solar and wind companies are going bankrupt. Domestic energy independence is in sight. Every sector of the economy will benefit.
Of course the radicals in the EPA and their state counterparts like New York’s DEP need to be stripped of their employment permanently and control of our farms, forests, streams, and meadows returned to local and state monitors represented by people who actually understand rural life.
3. Religious Freedom. Despite the on-going cultural war by the radical atheists, the gender-confused, and rabid pro-aborts, we are winning significant victories for the first time in years in the culture. People of faith are fighting back via the courts and “redress of grievances” to stop the onslaught of cultural decay that is rotting America’s soul.
The Church may have finally awakened to its prophetic role in the world and the truth is getting out there. We don’t want cake-makers to lose their businesses for refusing to put two grooms on top of wedding cakes. We don’t want emotionally-challenged young people to pretend they are the opposite sex in order to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of those they are curious about. We don’t want to be forced to pay for other people’s abortions in our health care plans. And, we refuse to tear down our Nativity displays and 10 Commandments plaques and 9/11 Crosses just because the “politically correct” tiny minority in this nation wants to pretend to be big bullies.
4. Creation. This year tens of thousands more people have heard the truth about the real science of Creation which confirms the Bible’s Truth about God as Creator. Through the dedicated efforts of groups like the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Ministries International, Answers in Genesis, and countless other groups and individuals, more and more people today are seeing through evolution’s fraud. The bastions of atheism – the universities and government schools are crumbling before the truth. The hysterical efforts at free speech suppression in these institutions show their fruitless desperation at maintaining the myths of secular pseudo-science.
5. The New Media. The internet has completely destroyed the monopoly the left has had on news and information in this country. Now, more and more people can see the news unfiltered by the New York Times, et al. As more and more people abandon the old networks and the old cable news channels, the more educated and involved America’s citizens will become. The powerful and corrupt no longer can pay the press to shield them from scrutiny. The people are now watching and the truth will come out.
6. Homeschooling. Thanks to the radical leftist curriculum of Common Core, more and more people are abandoning the government schools for private and home education settings for their children. The left has far over-played its hand in shoving this drivel down the throats of American parents and families are responding by the millions to seek better solutions for their children’s futures. Ultimately, this will lead to the next generation’s leaders of this country – vastly better educated and more completely committed to our American ideals and prospects. And, they will be independent thinking leaders, not the “sheeple” the public education system has been producing for the past two generations.
7. Israel. Despite the rise of ISIS and other radical Islamic movements; despite near abandonment by the current U.S. Administration; and despite the Palestinian radicals’ best efforts via rockets and the U.N., Israel still exists and thrives. As the only democracy and the only nation with religious freedom in the Middle East, Israel is indispensable as an ally and friend in the region. Israel is the land of the Bible. God promised it to Abraham and his descendants over 4000 years ago. It must never be allowed to be destroyed.

8. The 2nd Amendment. Despite the left’s most strident efforts to date, the 2nd Amendment is now stronger than it has been in the past few decades. More and more cases have come down on the side of the people keeping this Constitutional right. More and more evidence is compiling that where people have an unfettered right to “keep and bear arms” the crime rates have dropped. More and more stories have emerged that prove the adage – “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” And, the only places where these statistics are not happening are the small pockets still controlled by silly, but deadly, liberal ideology.

9. Real vs fake Bible Movies. 2014 was declared the “Year of the Bible” in movies. This has been true, but not in the sense that it was meant. The big expensive Hollywood blockbusters that have disrespected the Biblical accounts in favor of some radical producers’ agendas have flopped miserably because people of faith have stayed away in droves. However, God-honoring small budget films have been wildly successful. The Christian consumer has matured to the point that they are discerning before shelling out hard-earned money to view what Hollywood is putting out. If a film is respectful and God-honoring, it is a guaranteed hit. If it insults our faith and distorts Biblical realities, then it will be nothing more than a tax loss write-off for the movie studios.
The other upside to this trend is that the Christian film producers and companies have grown and developed to the point where they are competing with the Hollywood behemoths. More and more seasoned actors are appearing in the smaller budget Christian-produced films because they realize the potential for audience reach and powerful messages they are helping to disseminate.


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