8 Jan 2015

Florida Sheriffs Threaten To Arrest People Who Refuse To Roll Down Windows

Checkpoint protester Jeff Gray recently uploaded a video in which he drove through a DUI checkpoint in Chiefland, Florida, on New Year's Eve without speaking to police or rolling down his window.
Instead, Gray put his driver's license, registration and insurance cars inside a plastic bag and held it up against his window with a flier fromFairDUI.org that read, "I Remain Silent, No Searches, I Want My Lawyer."
Deputies from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol read the flier and allowed Gray to drive thru three times.
However, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri objects to the practice, and suggested people could be arrested for obstruction.

"The deputy can't assess the person," Sheriff Gualtieri told Fox 13 (video below). "And, if you can't assess them, then you are obstructing the investigation. Just because you dangle in a bag your drivers license, registration and insurance card out the window doesn't mean that you're not drunk."

"It's legal, but you draw attention to yourself," countered Florida DUI Defense Attorney Elliott Wilcox.
Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott dared Gray to try it, even after admitting people can legally provide documents and remain silent.
“However, by not rolling the window down, you’re interfering with our investigation,” Sheriff Scott told 925FoxNews.com.
”Our policy reads very specifically, that if the driver refuses to roll down their window they will be arrested for resisting or opposing an officer,” added Sheriff Scott.
“I challenge him, if he's listening this morning, to please come drive around Lee County,” said Sheriff Scott. “Eventually you'll find one of our checkpoints and try your luck. He’ll go to jail.”
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  1. a family member of mine was run over by a drunk driver - pretty sad affair.
    drunk driver checkpoints serve a good purpose. if you arent drunk then perhaps
    you should just comply. why would you protest? only if you have something to hide. morons. i will gladly beat a drunk driver to death if i ever catch one.

  2. bankrupted taxpayer8 January 2015 at 11:52

    Sheriff Scott pre meditated threat on taxpayers

    Sheriff Scott...“I challenge him, if he's listening this
    morning, to please come drive around Lee County,” said Sheriff Scott.
    “Eventually you'll find one of our checkpoints and try your luck. He’ll
    go to jail.”

  3. bankrupted taxpayer8 January 2015 at 11:57

    Affidavit shows cop union targeting politicians - San Diego Union ...

    Dec 17, 2014 - The PIs worked for a police-union law firm that represented the local union, ... in which he set up a Costa Mesa city councilman for a DUI. ... A top union official first denied that tracking politicians was the plan
    but eventually was caught in a lie and massive cover up devised to protect public union funded salary and pensions ..by hiding tracking devices on politicians cars to black mail them into doing police union contract demands.

  4. Your're a sad excuse for a human being.

  5. First they came for the Drunk Drivers, I didn't say anything because I wasn't one of them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. So, Mr. James Ha, you'll "beat to death" any "drunk driver" you can catch? I wish I could say I am sorry you lost a family member to an automobile accident, which I actually am btw, but I really can't.

    Morons serve only one purpose in this country anymore (they used to serve more!), and that is believing the spouted drivel on their TVs.

    You are from the "if ya gots nuttin' to hide, why complain?" camp of morons. A camp of greatly diminished adherents, and one losing more 'members' every day. Of this I can be, and am, grateful.

    Would you feel differently if your family member was killed by, oh say, an Amish wagon? Or would you "beat to death" any Amish you "could find?"

  7. I don't think you actually understand the issues here. If your family member had died from a drug overdose, would you invite them in to search your home because you had "nothing to hide"?

  8. Aren't you just the best little slave candidate. Yassuh Boss, Ol' James gonna step'n fetchit jus lak youse want.
    Why don't "our" politicians quit hiding behind the 5th everytime they are asked a tough question ..... They want THEIR rights ...... they just don't want the SERFS to have any.

    "checkpoints" are GESTAPO oppression.

  9. James is probably on drugs and is definitely making dangerous threats. When I visit him to discuss his online behaviour, I will smell Marijuana, which of course gives me probable cause to invade and destroy his house whilst I pretend to look for them. If I find any cash or appliances that I like, I can take these as proceeds of crime, and let the little whiney whatever try and get them back after I have sold them.

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  12. LOL so what the Sheriff is really saying is he can do the exact same thing he does to get through every check point, only he has to have his window rolled down while he hands over his bag with his flyer and documents? the outcome is still the same... He won't talk to them, he won't have to answer any questions or submit to a search, and they will have to let him go. ....

  13. Hey Sheriff Scott .. screw you.
    Why don't you go take a flying leap in Lake Fascist.

  14. Not to mention when there are 300,000 laws who doesn't have a hundred things to hide!? Even if you don't know it.

    Three Felonies a Day

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  17. Won't anyone shoot Gualtieri in his bloody face for being unAmerican?

  18. That jerk Scott sounds very much like a Mafia thug.

  19. God created man, man created government, government created a PERSON in all capital letters. http://reaperishere.weebly.com/

  20. Wait so you are investigating now too, cops? Are you detectives now? So it's now that cops are investigators as well as judges and juries, and sometimes thieves too depending, on the value of their assets and whether you can get away with civil asset forfeiture laws?

  21. Real nice. And Boehner is in the midst of removing those who opposed him from their committees.

    This place is disgusting. The corrupt and rotten stench of these low life piece of craps.

    This is Talmudism by the way. The cops are being trained in Israel, a program funded by the ADL and a few other Jewish groups.

    We the people are not terrorists. STOP training them to treat us like terrorists.

    Your machinations may have worked in China and Russia, both who fell into murderous hell holes after your arrival and "work" was commenced, but you will fail grandly in the USA.

    We promise it.

  22. That's right Jon! Few understand this is why they have no constitutional rights - they are not privy to them as a federal government creation known as a person how do you know if you are this type of PERSON? Do you have any ID'S or credit cards or anything else with your name in all caps? Guess what?...

  23. How about caring whether your loved one is alive or dead rather than what distracted the person who killed them?

    Would you have felt better knowing the family member died at the hands of someone who was looking for something in the back seat? Or putting on make-up? Or changing the radio station? How about digging for something in a purse - would that be better? Oh I know, how about digging in the glove box for something - that must be better than the excuse that a family member was killed by a drunk driver. Surely someone who's an emotional wreck and sobbing, resulting in blurred vision, that climbs behind the wheel to drive it off is not as much of a threat as someone who's been drinking, right?

    "Oh I am so, so sorry Annette was killed by a drunk driver."

    "He wasn't drunk, he spilled coffee on himself and was distracted trying to clean it up."

    "Oh well that's ok then, as long as he wasn't drunk.

  24. You can steal his jewels, car and any cash too! Cops are nothing more than legal mafia knee breakers.

  25. Looks like he deleted his comment and my reply must have been attached to it as I hit reply. Damn!

  26. I love NY Cops on "Go slow" Traffic crime down 94%! Other crime down 40%!
    You couldn't make this stuff up

  27. I wonder does Boehner cry out in pain as he punishes them?

  28. Was hit by a drunk driver in Phoenix a few years back while stopped at a red light. Guy was going over 50 mph, didn't break at all. My buddy and I were in a 260Z; he hit us so hard that, when we struck the pickup truck in front of us, the passenger went thru the rear window and landed in the truck bed. I was in therapy for a year.

    Doesn't mean I support this fascist crap, more so since I live in Florida. I don't think most of the Sheriffs know what a "Peace Officer" is, but they have Revenue Enhancement Officer down pat.