2 Jan 2015

Dad Needed to Discipline Daughter But Didn’t Want To Be Accused Of Child Abuse; So Here’s What He Did

A father said he needed to discipline his daughter by paddling her, but didn’t want to break the law and be accused of child abuse, so he called the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office to come supervise.

While I approve of this dad’s actions, I have two daughters and sometimes they do get out of line, it’s sad that you have to call the police to supervise a paddling to avoid being accused of child abuse!

The man’s 12-year-old daughter got into a heated argument with her sister Monday, and the father wanted to discipline his daughter, according to a deputy’s report. A deputy came over to his house, supervised the discipline, and determined it was within legal bounds and that there was no crime, and left, authorities said.

Although it may sound bizarre to some parents, the sheriff’s office has received several similar requests in the past. Undersheriff Noel Stephen said he has personally supervised approximately 12 spankings.

Undersheriff Noel Stephen reportedly confirmed to the news station that he has supervised 12 other spankings.

“It’s definitely not something we advertise to do, and even though law enforcement has been willing to help out in this situation, watching a parent discipline their child is something that’s done only when a deputy has no other calls to handle,” he said.


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