7 Jan 2015

California Taxpayers will be Subsidizing Cheap Auto Insurance for Illegals

It’s not enough that 1.4 million California illegal immigrants can get a legitimate driver’s license there. Now the state’s taxpayers are going to subsidize their car insurance at $38 a month – rates far lower than what an American citizen could find from a private insurer.
The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is trying to entice illegals, who just received their state-issued licenses under the AB 60 law that granted them that right, to take advantage of the cheap California-backed auto insurance policies, according to a South California Public Radio (SCPR.org) article.

California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance (CLCA) is a basic policy covering liability, bodily injury, and $1,000 in medical coverage for each person injured in an accident. State Senator Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, was instrumental in getting CLCA to offer coverage to illegals just getting a license, SCPR said.

The cost is less than $450 a year, or $38 a month, about a third the cost of private insurance in the state, Jones told SCPR. The cost of a license is $33.
“It would be a tragedy if after all this effort, the 1.4 million people who are getting driver’s licenses for the first time don’t have auto insurance,” Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones told SCPR. The state insurance commission is hawking the insurance through Spanish-language commercials.
Alfredo Vidal, an illegal immigrant who works as a day laborer in the Los Angeles area, intends to take his driver’s test and even apply for the low cost insurance because, he said, “it’s the law.”
Not everyone was impressed.

A 30-year-old poster on the SCPR site said he had driven over 300,000 miles, had no accidents or tickets, and even got discounts for being a good student and having multiple policies with his company, and yet his insurance was far more the subsidized rate for illegals.

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  1. Car insurance can be pretty expensive depending on what company you go with. But $38 is a pretty low number. Especially for California. Usually, the more traffic there is in your area, the more you are going to be charged for insurance. Also, a lot of it has to do with the amount that you drive. Having insurance subsidized would be pretty nice for the people that get it. http://www.kyfb.com/rowan/stone-st/