26 Dec 2014

Things That We Don't Have, But We Most Definitely Needed Yesterday

There are plenty of things that we will need in the future. New, faster forms of public transportation to catch up with urban sprawl; food capsules that will provide nutrition our bodies need when we don't have enough time to eat; jet packs because, well...because jet packs.

There are also, however, those things that we could really use today, or even yesterday. These are the small things that you think to yourself - "Why don't we have that?!" And then you think, "That's a genius start-up idea!" And then you get lazy.

Well, if you have some spare time that you're willing to devote to making the world a better place, this is the stuff that would fix the little day-to-day things that can get pretty annoying. Just be sure to thank us in your Nobel Prize acceptance speech...

1.) So. Simple.
The worst is when you get in an elevator and there's no one there, but three buttons (obviously) before your floor have been pushed. Ugh.

2.) Because I want to be able to make disgusting microwave food at 3am and not have everyone in the house judging me.
Microwaves are great, but muted microwaves are better.

3.) This would definitely make getting into my car on a sun-drenched summer afternoon less hazardous.
Imagine always getting into a cool car on a hot summer day.

4.) What does a "Check Engine" light really mean?
This would be perfect for me because I have no idea when an engine sounds fine and when it's about to explode.

5.) Why don't you understand that if I'm wearing sunglasses and headphones, I don't want to talk about your doll collection?
This would make everyone's flight a little bit better.

6.) Think of how much water you'd save!
Green is good.

7.) This has to be a thing soon.
I mean if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory thought of it, why can't we make it?

8.) Um, yes please.
9.) This is very necessary.
This would be good for those times when you have to click "agree" on a Terms and Uses Agreement, but have absolutely no clue what the agreement says. *Signs soul away.*

10.) This just makes so much sense.
Come on smartphones, it's time to catch up with the rest of us.

11.) My mind has been blown. This would be awesome for students and teachers.

Not only could you resell the textbooks, but you could make markings in your favorite books knowing that they are only temporary.

12.) This would be so awesome.
Now, we just have to figure out how we can get these things in motion. I would recommend writing to your Congressmen (don't do that), and/or sharing this article (definitely do that). Tell us: What little nit-picky thing do you wish there was a solution for?


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