26 Dec 2014

The AMAZING Thing Jet blue Is Doing To Honor The Two Slain NYPD Officers

JetBlue airlines said Wednesday it will be offering free flights to police officers from around the country who wish to attend the funerals for the two slain NYPD cops killed over the weekend.
The airline said it will allow up to two cops from each department to fly at no charge from anywhere across its route network to New York City. 
“We’re honored to do what we can to support the communities we serve, and our team has made flights available to law enforcement agencies … who wish to send representatives to New York to support their brethren,” said JetBlue spokeswoman Sharon Jones.
Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral will be held Saturday at the Christ Tabernacle Church in Glendale, Queens, and is expected to be packed with cops from far and wide.
Funeral services for Officer Wenjian Liu have not been finalized, but JetBlue said it is working with a partner carrier to bring the cop’s relatives to New York from China at no charge.


  1. Do they offer the same service for slain citizens killed by the cops?

  2. There ya go! Throw a bucket of gas on the fire!
    Time to organize and promote that civil war we've all been waiting for. Cops vs Insurgents. Go for it!
    Can anyone say Martial Law?

  3. Certainly not: they care only for murderers who kill for the Government.

  4. oh i thought you were going to say they were going to cash in with a media event.

    far be it for jet blue to not use a tradgedy to turn a dime or should i say a sheckle.

    now what about all the OTHER cops who get killed every year in the line of duty? do their friends get free airfare also?