17 Dec 2014

The Absurdity of The Sandy Hook Families Lawsuit Against Bushmaster Perfectly Illustrated

A lawsuit has been filed in Bridgeport Superior Court against Bushmaster, Camfour (a firearms distributor), and now-defunct Riverview Gun Sales for negligence and wrongful death in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Nine of the 26 families assert the rifle was a military-grade weapon and should not have been made publicly available, as its unsuitable for hunting or home defense.
According to the Connecticut State Attorney General’s office in their 40-page analysis of the December 2012 mass shooting, Adam Lanza stole five guns from his mother, killing her with a Savage Mark II bolt-action .22 rifle before heading to the elementary school that day with four other guns.
A Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S was used to kill 20 students and six adults before Lanza turned a Glock 20 on himself and took his own life.
“In order to continue profiting from the sale of AR-15s, defendants chose to disregard the unreasonable risks the rifle posed outside of specialized, highly regulated institutions like the armed forces and law enforcement,” plaintiffs charge in their complaint.
Many of the Newtown families say they believe in the Second Amendment, but they also feel that gun manufacturers, distributors, and retailers must assume the risk of their products when it comes to the general public. However, in 2005, then-President George W. Bush and Congress approved the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that protected gun manufacturers from the criminal use of their products.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “The basis for the Newtown suit stems from one exception under the law, so-called negligent entrustment lawsuits. Under such actions, one party can be held liable for entrusting a product to another party who then causes harm to a third-party.”
However, Bushmaster did not put the gun in the hands of a rampaging second or even third party. The gun was purchased by a distributor, who then sold it to a Federal Firearms dealer. That dealer legally registered and sold it to Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother. He, in turn, stole it from her.
While a tragedy, inanimate objects are not the source of mayhem and destruction—people are. If we follow this line of thinking, we might as well give up motorized transportation and cell phones. Both of them together are responsible for far more deaths than firearms.


  1. An Ar 15 is not MILITARY or POLICE grade. Police and military have M-16`s. which LOOK like AR 15s but fire FULLY AUTOMATIC not semi auto matic single fire, like a CIVILIAN RIFLE.

    now shut up, ignorant fools.

  2. After the Columbine High School massacre, the families of the victims
    sued the parents of the shooters, friends of the shooters who aided in
    the weapons, the school district, and the sheriff's department. They
    did not sue the makers of the weapons.

  3. SH didn't happen anymore than the Boston Marathon. All of the false flag events are tied to one central theme. Disarming the US citizen.

  4. ...and its failing MISERABLY.

  5. Yup. Few know SH had been closed for almost 5yrs. It was a non functioning school.

  6. But! The difference was that something actually happened at Columbine. People actually did die and were injured. Unlike at SH...

  7. BS. Sandy Hook was not an operational school. This was a false flag and we all know it.

  8. One of the hallmarks of the false flag that was Sandy Hook was that there were no lawsuits. Now there is. However, if it were a real law suit, the parents should sue the school, the school district, and the security company whose system had supposedly just been installed, and did not work that day. Bringing suit against the gun company furthers the mission that the Sandy Hook event was supposed to serve: disarmament of the civilian population. Perhaps the gun companies will fight this suit, and all that information about Sandy Hook that got classified, will come out in court. Here's hoping.

  9. NEWSFLASH: NO ONE was killed at Sandy Hoax--get a clue. Do u have ANY evidence?--anything at all aside fm scripted lies?--any pictures, blood, bodies?--anything?
    So how are the plaintiffs going to PROVE the AR-15 in question was involved in a non-existent "incident"?--where are the bodies of the supposed victims?--where is Adam Lanza, who never existed?--do u begin to see the absolutely insurmountable problems. Bushmaster will now be allowed and entitled to exhume and see the non-existent bodies of non-existent victims, so I don't think this move was too well thought-out.

  10. Colt should call the bluff of the gun grabbers by demanding proof of:

    Blood (and who cleaned it up).
    Testimony from the razing crew who took down the school
    Pictures of Lanza in SH using their $300K video security system.
    Proof that Lanza even existed, his neighbors don't seem to recall him...
    Why no other lawsuits? (there were about 17 after Columbine).
    The actual rifle itself claimed to have been used (which ABC news retracted later).
    Where are the social security listing for the kids killed?
    Where are the pathology & death certificates?
    On & on this theatrical nonsense goes, but thanks to the net & no thanks to the "electric Jew" (TV), we're seeing how deep the lies go by our government.

  11. Yes, and proof of that is seen in millions more mil pattern rifles being bought after the latest hoax.

  12. Colt could quickly shut down this lawsuit by demanding proof that this massacre even occurred.
    High level big wigs in CT would put great pressure upon the complainant/s to drop it, or else the whole bag of worms will escape for the public to see...
    If this hoax (and it is a hoax) ever came to light, NOBODY would believe a word from their government or TV's!
    And that would be a good thing.

  13. It might be a brilliant way to get the evidence of the SH fraud into court....wouldn't that be embarrassing!

  14. See the site SandyHookJustice by Wolfgang Halbig - a former state trooper and one of the investigators at Columbine. Sandy Hook was a complete fake, a false flag and hopefully someone will use this opportunity to do discovery and get a real investigation going.

  15. ...wait until they actually get lawyers for Bushmaster into a court room...presuming they get that far...I assume Bushmaster would eat them alive with regard to whether the event even occurred..? It would seem to me that Bushmaster would have deep pockets...and know how to hire the right folks...(both lawyers & investigators)...to put this idiocy to rest... hopefully...eh?
    RJ O'Guillory
    Webster Groves - The Life of an Insane Family