27 Dec 2014

Liberal Hypocrisy On Police Brutality And Gun Control Perfectly Illustrated

Gun rights protesters sure got to the meat of their arguments when discussing their issues with the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association with MRCTV’S Dan Joseph, and one anti-NRA woman even said only law enforcement officers should be able to have firearms.

Joseph headed down to the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax, Va., to tango with Second Amendment opponents set up in front of the building.

Donning signs that read, “Kids and Guns, what could go wrong?” and “Al Qaeda loves our gun laws,” the protesters spewed facts about the dangers of guns and the need for gun control.
“Only a law enforcement officer should be allowed to use weapons,” one woman told Joseph.
When asked if someone should be able to use a weapon to protect themselves from a potential attacker, the protester replied, bluntly, “no.” She did, however, encourage him to stay away from bad neighborhoods — since she doesn’t think he should be able to carry a gun there, anyway.
Another NRA protester told Joseph 30,000 people die each year from gun violence, and it’s all the organization’s fault.

“The NRA is cynically manipulating people’s fear and paranoia with complete lies,” another woman said. “…It’s cynical, it’s un-American and it’s unpatriotic. And anyone who wants to wrap themselves in the flag and say, ‘Oh, Second Amendment, that’s bologna.'”

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  1. jews are the loudest voices for gun control. Shumer, Boxer, Feinstein, et. al. Note they all have personal permits, as well as a detail. As long as Tyrone and Shitavious have guns, so will I.