23 Dec 2014

Kyle Gibbs, 13, Forced To Learn In Isolation As Punishment For Traditional Haircut

Kyle Gibbs, 13, is a clean-cut student at Churchdown Academy in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. However, his fashion savvy has gotten him into trouble. 
Kyle recently came to school with a new haircut that was short in the back and on the sides. That didn't sit well with school officials who promptly punished him.
Kyle's father, Colin, was outraged that this would even be an issue.
“I was shocked,” he told Gloucestershire Citizen. “I cut his hair, and he has a neat, short back and sides. It is grade 0.5 at the back and longer on top in an old-fashioned style. I couldn’t believe it."
Kyle is being taught in isolation until his hair grows back to an acceptable length. He’s learning alone in a classroom from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day.
“It is not like he has a [mohawk] or strips shaved into the sides,” Colin said. "I can understand that may be a distraction to other pupils in class, but this haircut is neat and tidy."
“Kyle doesn’t feel comfortable in school, and I’m not going to let the teachers dictate my son’s hairstyle,” he added.
Churchdown Academy has declined to comment on its wardrobe policies. 
The Academy's website encourages students to maintain a relentless focus on high standards and to believe there are no barriers to learning or achievement. It also states that all students should take pride in themselves and always be considerate of others.


  1. Mysterio! BOOGAH BOOGAH23 December 2014 at 09:06

    yeah that's called detention. remember that? people who go to catholic school have to abide by a dress code which includes haircuts. or you can go to the public school zoo and get shot 5 times its your choice.
    newsflash! a make and female student got put in "isolation" for a public display of affection and they were chewing "bubble gum" ... go get em news team!

  2. so if he instead had a mohawk that would be acceptable?? what if he shaved his head entirely, would that be acceptable?
    control nazi's need to be fired

  3. My grandmother used to berate, & nag me, like crazy for having my hair too long, then went seriously ballistic when I cut it "too short", ( ! ). There is no pleasing control oriented types, in that they have an unrealistic, idea of how people & things are 'supposed' to be, rather than what they are...