24 Dec 2014

IDIOTS: Anti-2A Orgs call for gun control after NYPD attack

It was only a matter of time for anti-2nd Amendment extremists called for more gun control after the assassination of 2 NYC police officers.  It’s actually shocking it took them this long.  Apparently these morons still don’t get the criminals don’t obey the laws.
This wasn’t the first time the Officers’ murderer committed a crime.  As a matter of fact, he has a very lengthy rap sheet.  He’s a felon who would never be able to legally purchase a firearm in any state through a federally licensed firearm dealer because he’d never pass the background check.  Criminals such as this scum don’t typically purchase guns via legal routes.  They usually purchase them from other criminals.
That doesn’t stop the gun control crowd from wanting to push more gun laws onto law-abiding citizens though.  Facts never matter to these people.  They’d rather see more law-abiding citizens become victims of criminals like this guy than be able to protect themselves from his ilk.
The brutal execution-style attack Saturday that left New York Police Department officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liuby dead at the hands of a killer with an extensive criminal record has some calling for increased gun laws. [..]

It was Brinsley’s ability to obtain a firearm, which he likely should have been prohibited by law from possessing due to his criminal record, that has groups ranging from New York’s Congressional delegates to national gun control and civil rights organizations championing more gun laws even though the city of 8.4 million already has some of the strictest in the country.
“The brutal killing of two NYPD officers this weekend is an unspeakable tragedy,” Everytown for Gun Safety’s president John Feinblatt told the New York Daily News. “Our country’s lax and inconsistent gun laws are a central part of the problem. A felon can buy a gun in a state that does not require background checks and bring it to New York, a state that does, and destroy lives.”
Fienblatt repeated his group’s now-familiar call for expanded background checks to include virtually all firearms transfers. Such a program was backed by the organization, funded in large part by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a recent ballot initiative in Washington state. [..]
Finally, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund issued a statement that expressed condolences to the families of the lost officers then called for calm and productive dialog before calling for change in gun regulation.
“These two killings and the life-threatening injury, like so many other unfortunate incidences of gun violence, provide a stark example of the need for sensible gun control measures, and the need to thoughtfully address untreated mental illness,” read the statement.

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