11 Dec 2014

Here Is The Controversial ‘Police Officer’ Shirt Some Are Calling Offensive

A controversial shirt reading “Don’t Attack A Police Officer” at the top and “Don’t Get Shot” below it has become very popular over the past few weeks.
Few police shootings in recent memory have divided the nation like the one that took place in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9 of this year. That day, an 18-year-old named Michael Brown ended up in a physical confrontation with then-police officer Darren Wilson, and that confrontation ended with him being shot.
What followed the incident was months of speculation regarding whether Wilson would be indicted for his actions. He maintained that what he did was purely out of self-defense. His critics, on the other hand, suggested that he gunned down an innocent youngster in cold blood.
In November, a Missouri grand jury ultimately decided not to charge Wilson – citing a lack of evidence that the former Ferguson cop intended to kill Brown.
From the beginning, Wilson’s supporters have continuously pointed to a single principal being at the root of their feelings about what transpired with Brown: The teen is responsible for what happened because he (at some point) put his hands on an officer. They believe in this point so adamantly, in fact, that they released a shirt explaining. 
For obvious reasons, Brown’s supporters maintain that this shirt is insensitive and offensive. It was actually initially made available as early as Aug. 25, but they’ve recently become more popular because of what has happened over the past few months.


  1. How about, the police are an illegal standing army that have killed more people since 9/11 that were killed on 9/11..

  2. This makes me think of all the videos I've seen of police shouting "Stop resisting! Stop resisting!" to recumbant forms while they beat the crap on of them. So, a police officer wearing this shirt in my mind already has his gun out and is shooting indiscriminately into a crowd who had been ignoring him.

  3. There days are numbered it won't be long now before the NWO set the cops up to all be killed in the first wave.