5 Dec 2014

Daniel Palenteo (the cop who murdered Eric Garner) was sued THREE TIMES before killing a civilian.

The New York police officer who held Eric Garner in the chokehold that killed him has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other blacks he and fellow cops arrested.

A 2013 federal court lawsuit alleges that Daniel Pantaleo, 29, and at least four other officers subjected Darren Collins and Tommy Rice to 'humiliating and unlawful strip searches in public view'.
Collins and Rice were handcuffed and searched for drugs after being arrested on Staten Island in March 2012. Charges against the two men were ultimately dismissed.

Eric Garner's death pushed politicians to talk about the need for better police training, body cameras and changes in the grand jury process to restore faith in the legal system
According to USA Today, a court complaint charged that the officers 'pulled down the plaintiffs' pants and underwear, and touched and searched their genital areas, or stood by while this was done in their presence'.

Collins, 46, and Rice, 43, said Pantaleo 'slapped' and 'tapped' their testicles in broad daylight.
The officers denied the charges, insisting they acted reasonably and exercised their discretion, but the lawsuit was settled last year for $30,000.
In a separate incident, Rylawn Walker alleged that Pantaleo and other officers falsely arrested him on Staten Island for marijuana possession in February 2012. 

The federal lawsuit against the officers maintained that Walker 'was committing no crime at that time and was not acting in a suspicious manner'. The charges against Walker were later dismissed. 

In an August 2014 letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos, Walker's defense lawyer Michael Colihan wrote: 'To put it mildly, many police on Staten Island have been playing fast, loose and violently with the public they seem to have forgotten they are sworn to protect.

In an incident caught on camera, Pantaleo was seen placing Garner (pictured), a 43-year-old father, in a chokehold in the street and ignoring his cries that he could not breathe. Garner later died in hospital

'After litigating about 200 of these civil rights matters in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York since 1977, I have seen no interest by the managers of the New York City Police Department, or anyone employed by the city of New York, in doing anything to stop this.'

A third incident involved 22-year-old Kenneth Collins, from Staten Island, who filed a lawsuit alleging that Pantaleo and other officers violated his rights during a February 2012 marijuana arrest.
He claimed he had been falsely arrested and 'was subjected to a degrading search of his private parts and genitals by the defendants'.


  1. Whenever they put things under investigation, that's all they are going to do. This is a great way to get the public to shut up!

  2. Fullerton, ca- hired Micheal Sellers , and Kelly Thomas was relieved of breathing. Mr Sellers had he been vetted properly, anyone with a brain cell would have known there is a slew of homeless men who have died under suspicious terms, who have no other connection but this dirty cop....but we still pay for his retirement. Crime does pay when you have a badge.

  3. the ol- we cant comment its under internal investigation at this time. Go onto what ever state you live in for example...transparentcalifornia.com post every single cop and what he makes and his pension, put your state name first and you too can see how you are being strong armed.

  4. Eyyy... Danny Pants don't take no guff. How come so many cops are precisely the wrong kind of sadistic a*(2wgoles to hold a job like that? Little runt of a cop needs to strangle a big black man to overcome his perceived inadequacies. That's plain MURDER.