17 Dec 2014

Cops killed man at Walmart, then interrogated girlfriend: "[T]he recently released interrogation video shows police were trying to force Crawford's girlfriend to say something to justify what they'd done."

After killing a man at an Ohio Walmart, police interrogated his girlfriend, accusing her of lying, threatening her with jail time and suggesting she could be on drugs, according to a video obtained by CNN.

The man, John Crawford III, was holding an air rifle he had picked up off a store shelf when police shot him. A prosecutor called the case a "perfect storm" with "no bad guys," but the family has said police used excessive force.

A grand jury decided not to indict the officer who pulled the trigger in the August 5 shooting at a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio. While the Justice Department investigates the case, Crawford's name -- along with Michael Brown and Eric Garner -- is being chanted by some demonstrators across the country protesting what they say is systemic racism that fuels police violence.
Now, the family's lawyer says the recently released interrogation video shows police were trying to force Crawford's girlfriend to say something to justify what they'd done.

"This was just an effort to cover up this bad shooting," attorney Michael Wright said.
Family of man killed sues police, Walmart

Tense interrogation

In the interrogation video, which was first posted on The Guardian's website on Sunday, a police detective repeatedly presses Crawford's tearful girlfriend, asking her where Crawford got the gun he had in the store.

"You understand that we're investigating a serious incident," Detective Rodney Curd says. "You lie to me and you might be on your way to jail."
"I swear to God, on my job, my family, on everything I love," Tasha Thomas replies, telling the detective repeatedly that she never saw Crawford with a weapon and that she'll take a polygraph test to prove it.
As she cries, the detective appears unconvinced.
"Why would he have a gun in the store?" he asks.
"I don't know," she replies.
"Did he carry a gun?" the detective continues.
"Not that I. ... I've never known him to have a gun," she says.
Her response appears to upset the detective.
"Don't tell me, 'not that you know,' because that's the first thing that I realize that somebody's not telling me the truth, when they say that kind of stuff," Curd says.
At one point in the video, Thomas sobs as she buries her head in her hands.
The detective says he'll write down her testimony but then asks whether she's under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
"Your eyes are kind of messed up looking and you seem a little lethargic at times," he says, "and I don't know if it's because you're upset or not. I just want to make sure what's going on."
It's not until the end of the 90-minute interrogation that Thomas learns her boyfriend has died.
"Well, to let you know, John has passed away as a result of this," the detective says.

Thomas sinks back in her chair and puts her hands on her head.
"I don't know any other way to tell you," Curd says. "What happened there wasn't a good thing and as a result of his actions, he is gone."

Detective: 'I was very direct in my questions'

Police have not responded to several requests from CNN for comment on the video. In a statement officials released in September, Curd describes his questioning of Thomas at the police department.
"The initial information I had was that (Crawford) may have brought a gun into the store with him. So I was very direct in my questions that I was having problems believing she would have not seen him bring a gun into the store," he wrote. "She became emotional during the interview and started crying, saying that she is not lying, she will take a lie detector test and do whatever she needs to do."
In his report, Curd wrote that it was only later when he was at the Walmart that he learned where the gun came from.
"I also learned while on scene that the rifle involved was a pellet gun that was taken from a box while he was inside the store," he wrote. "This would also agree with the statement that she made that he did not take any type of firearm out of her car into the store with him."

Read more:http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/16/justice/walmart-shooting-john-crawford/index.html?hpt=hp_t2


  1. So the police contemplated planted a gun on him, That was the purpose of the interview. If she had slipped and even said, 'I never knew him to have a gun, maybe he could have had one', walla the gun would have been part of the whitewash. as it was they could not chance it because in addition to the grainy video they put out, there are other angles that other security camera's took showing more clearly the murcder of Mr Crawford by these Demons.

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  2. What a load of bullshit, it's worse than i thought. This cop is claiming he was interrogating someone in relation to a murder and he don't know the facts of the case. I am beginning to enjoy this comedy show over there in the good ol US of Arseholes

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