16 Dec 2014

Black man gets a receipt, the name they put for him is unacceptable

A black man named Marquis Moore got a receipt where he was identified by the N-word. Obviously, this is unacceptable. The restaurant and Marquis are telling two very different stories.
A Pennsylvania man was very understandably disturbed after his receipt from Zembie’s Sports Tavern identified him with the n-word. But according to the owner of the establishment, no offense was meant by it.
What apparently happened, he claims, is that Marquis Moore ordered wings, and the bartender asked a friend for his name so she could mark it on the receipt. The friend then supposedly showed her his Facebook page, where he identified himself as a “sexy n***a.” And she, apparently, though it would be funny to put it on the receipt.
The owner insists there was “no malice intended,” but Moore says that entire explanation is bull. For one thing, the “sexy” part was not included in the receipt, and it’s most likely that they searched through his Facebook account to find that comment in order to justify what happened.


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