26 Dec 2014

Artist Perfectly Illustrates What The GOP Needs For Christmas!

A study was done which posed the question, which is better: to be right or to be happy?  A married couple was used in the study.  Whenever the woman tried to argue with her husband, he would agree with her in an attempt to make her happy.   After less than two weeks, the wife wanted to divorce her husband because she had little respect for him.  No one wants to be told they are wrong.  But if they realize they are wrong, yet people still say they are right, they can become upset.  Also, when a person is right but feels he needs to go against what he knows is right to please someone who is wrong, he is far from happy.  It goes back to the old if everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too question.  Is it worth losing respect and maybe your life in an attempt to be happy and make others happy instead of being right?
One of the things Republicans need in 2014 are spines.  Democrats love having Republicans agree with them; especially when they can accuse Republicans of supporting wrong decisions.  George H W Bush made his famous read my lips; no new taxes statement because he believed we didn’t need more taxes to help the economy which was about to be damaged by the savings and loan disaster, which Governor Clinton and his wife Hillary were involved in.  When Democrats convinced Bush to raise taxes to address the problems in the economy and to keep it from defaulting, they jumped all over him for doing what they wanted him to do.  
Since the Democrat Party went from the “Party of the People” to the “Party of the People You’d Rather Not Associate With,” the press has become more like the fish that cling to sharks than those that hunt sharks.  Democrats convinced President Hoover to raise taxes when the economy experienced a bad recession in 1929 and we were plunged into the Great Depression.  Yet President Hoover is blamed for the Depression.  All evil in the world can ultimately be blamed on Satan.  But since he is considered an imaginary character by millions, the people who commit the evil Satan inspired are blamed.
The latest budget deal was an attempt to make Democrats happy.  So far they are.  When adjustments are attempted like increasing money to veterans and those still in the military, Democrats balk.  They have a tradition of not supporting the military completely since the Vietnam War when politicians helped us lose the war.  Even when we have success. like during Gulf War I, Democrats complain because we didn’t go far enough.  And when we have success in Iraq when we helped the nation become a democracy, the Democrats attempt to make our actions a mistake.  According to Obama, the war in Afghanistan is the “right” war and we are in the process of losing that war too.
When the Tea Party came along, Democrats thought it was an attempt by extremists to take over the Republican Party because they believed there was no way a bunch of whackos could seize the government. And like bullies that terrorize the weak, the Democrats are able to coerce Republicans to see things their way, except for those that stand up against them. 
The attempt by Ted Cruz and his handful of supporters to shut down Obamacare before it could be inflicted upon Americans failed and Republicans attacked him and the others.  The Nazis had collaborators in France who did the will of Hitler.  When France was liberated, most of the Nazis fled to leave the collaborators to be punished.  If both houses of Congress are liberated from the tyranny of the Democrats, will the Tea Party faithful who will help liberate the Senate and increase Republican power in the House be considered heroes and gain respect?  Maybe on Conservative talk radio and FOX News.  But the spineless Republicans will probably be considered the ones that saved the nation from destruction.  That would be like saying the corporals that manned typewriters in military offices during WW II were more responsible for winning the war than those that manned machine guns and tanks.

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