19 Dec 2014

Artist PERFECTLY Illustrates Obama’s Cuba Deal From Castro’s Perspective

The deal brokered to put an end to the US embargo against Cuba and “normalize” diplomatic relations is, at best, controversial. No one can tell for sure who will profit from it, why it was done, why it was done now, and how long it will be before we can aggressively import cigars and classic automobiles.
What remains more important than that, however, is how the deal was brokered, what we got in it, and whether any part of the deal is ultimately fair to the United States, which has spent half a century building up the embargo in order to crush the Communist regime (which responded, mostly, but crushing it’s own people).

In return for no longer pretending Cuba doesn’t exist except when we need to issue Beyonce a travel visa, which is everything Cuba’s been asking for, we get a political prisoner whose name Barack Obama probably didn’t even know before November. It seems like a dream come true for the Castros (zombie and not-zombie alike) and bit of a rough deal for anyone who spent the last fifty years or so hiding out from them.

Marco Rubio, the only 2016 Presidential nominee with enough experience in the area, literally, weighed in this morning, calling Barack Obama the worst hostage negotiator since Jimmy Carter. Frankly, that’s probably being kind.
Watch Marco Rubio slam Obama for giving away the farm to the Castro brothers and getting nothing in return:
Read More:http://spectator.org/blog/61272/marco-rubio-barack-obama-worst-negotiator-ever


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