5 Nov 2014

What Atheists Just Did To A 9/11 Ceremony Will Have Half The Country Outraged

It seems like every day another group of cranky atheists get their feathers ruffled by a public display of religion and immediately resort to filing a lawsuit aimed at limiting someone’s First Amendment rights.
These groups sue so quickly, it’s like they have a sleazeball attorney on speed dial. One cannot officially call themselves an atheist unless they’ve taken a Christian to court.
The latest toddler-like temper tantrum being thrown by atheists is over a 9/11 memorial ceremony held at the University of North Georgia. Yep, these folks have absolutely no class.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has filed a lawsuit against the University of North Georgia (UNG) because the school allegedly held a mandatory 9/11 memorial service that invoked the “Christian god.”

According to VanguardDahlonega.com, the MRFF sent a letter this month to UNG President Bonita Jacobs that stated, “MRFF was notified that at the UNG Corps of Cadets 9/11 mandatory memorial service, an invocation was issued invoking the Christian god, religious messages were included during the body of the service, and a benediction was rendered again to the monotheistic patriarchal god of choice of the Catholic Campus Ministry. This was not an optional religious formation.

“This letter is to notify you of our intent to remediate recurring issues at the University of North Georgia surrounding violations of the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution,” added the MRFF.

VanguardDahlonega.com reports that university President Bonita Jacobs stated in a letter to the MRFF: “The Corps of Cadets did not sponsor the event, but rather it was sponsored by the Student Government Association.”

Jacobs claims that cadets were told of the 9/11 memorial service, which was optional.
“Simply hearing another pray burdens no one,” Brett Harvey, of the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian law firm, told Campus Reform. “Limiting the way a person is able to pray suppresses religious freedom. True freedom permits a prayer giver to choose for themselves how to pray, while permitting those to hear it the liberty to agree, disagree, or disregard.”
Blake Page of the MRFF told Campus Reform, “However, using a taxpayer funded institution to promulgate a single religion above all others is defying religious freedom. It does this by relegating members of all other religions, or none at all, to the position of a second class citizen.”

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