26 Nov 2014

The Dumbest Reasons Why People Have Ever Started a Riot (11 pics)

LOOK AT THOSE GODDAMNED THU- oh, that was in Huntington Beach after a surf competition.
Denver, 2014. Because a football team lost

San Fransisco, 2012. Because a baseball team won.
Vancouver, 2011. Because a hockey team lost.
Keene, NH, 2014. Because pumpkins.
Tennessee, 2010. Because Lane Kiffin was no longer going to coach their football team.
Pennsylvania, 2011. Because someone lost their job for ignoring sexual abuse of children.
Lexington, KY, 2012. Because a basketball team won a game.
Boston, 2004. Because a baseball team won a game. One woman was killed by police.
West Virginia, 2014. Because a football team unexpectedly won a regular season game.
Chicago, 1979. Because disco.


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