14 Nov 2014

Sweden has proof foreign sub entered its waters: report

Sweden has confirmed that a small foreign submarine illegally entered its waters off the coast of Stockholm last month.
Military officials said the nationality of the intruders can not be confirmed, but several defense analysts say Russia remains the likely culprit.
The hunt for the mystery vessel saw hundreds of troops scour the Stockholm archipelago for a week in mid-October before the search was called off. 
 The Swedish Armed Forces' Commander-in-chief Sverker Göransson confirming the violation during a press conference this morning, held with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist.
'The Swedish Armed forces can now confirm that a smaller submarine violated Swedish territory,' Göransson said.
 'There is no doubt about this. We can rule out all other alternative explanations.'
Göransson added that the government is 'one-hundred per cent sure' of the violation, which he calls 'deeply serious'.  
'It's impossible to confirm any nationality. But we can confirm the fact that it has been there,' Göransson said.

Prime Minister Löfven warned that such incursions into Swedish territory presented 'enormous risks' for those involved and that Sweden would defend its borders 'with all available means'.
Should a nationality be confirmed at any point, it will be a major test for Mr Löfven, a former welder who has never even sat in parliament before becoming prime minister, and his Social Democrat-Green Party coalition government. 
Göransson said the military obtained evidence of the intrusion with its own sensors,and provided images of the seabed where trails left by the submarine could be seen.
Löfven noted that Sweden's coastline is as long as the U.S. East Coast, making it difficult to monitor, but promised to strengthen the country's ability to find and identify intruders.
'Let me say this, loud and clear, to those who are responsible: It is completely unacceptable,' Löfven said. 


  1. The found the trash released by the sub and it was printed in Hebrew.

  2. Alexander Seredin27 November 2014 at 20:07

    I have a cat named Charley, He hides and I cannot find for many hours, all of sudden he pops up out of nowhere, looking for something to eat. I bet he had something to do with that sub.