3 Nov 2014

New York Governor SLAMMED for “Unforgivable” Act in Viral Video Featuring His Opponent’s Wife

Sheila Astorino is the wife of Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino who’s challenging New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Sheila is featured in this new ad that says what Cuomo is doing by misrepresenting her husband’s stand on gun control “unforgiveable.”

Mom, school teacher and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s wife, Sheila Astorino, directly accosted Governor Andrew Cuomo, D-NY in a soon-to-be viral video for his misrepresentations about her husband’s position on gun control.

“Telling people my husband wants guns in classrooms? Guns in classrooms? You can’t be serious. You used an extracurricular rifle safety program in a rural upstate county to make it sound like Rob would threaten the safety of school children. “How dare you? How dare you try to scare parents and teachers with something as serious as that?” she asks. “What you are doing is unforgivable.”
Rob Astorino’s support of an extracurricular rifle safety program in a rural upstate (Sullivan) county was the apparent catalyst for Cuomo’s recent ad which drew the harsh response from Mrs. Astorino, who refers to herself as non-political. 

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  1. (1) Why are there not mandatory FIREARM SAFETY CLASSES in all schools?
    If SEX EDUCATION classes are so necessary ......
    (2) Find one government in the entire history of humanity that felt a need to document a "RIGHT" for it's soldiers to carry weapons.
    The claim that the Government wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our soldiers a "right" to carry weapons is S-T-U-P-I-D.
    The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
    The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS' GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
    Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it's "rights" up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?!
    Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Government.
    Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
    There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it's army's/soldier's "RIGHT" to "Keep and BEAR ARMS" because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It's own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!

  2. Daniel Holmstock3 November 2014 at 11:06

    Well said.