16 Nov 2014

Korean Photoshop Trolls Make Their Own Rules (28 pics)

The Korean Facebook page called “We do Photoshop” has become extremely popular. It shows Photoshop requests and the funny interpretations of these by some Photoshop masters.

Request: Could you make the flowers in the background brighter? I love red flowers.
And now? Still love red flowers?
Request: Many girls are afraid of me for some reason. Can you make me cuter?

What can be cuter than a baby?
Request: Put me in the middle of the heart.
That’s what you wanted?
Request: I love hugging this doll but can you make the doll bigger and hug me?
There! The best doll you could ever have.
Request: This is my picture of me and my students but the one of the girls standing in front of me looks a bit sullen.Can you create a sense of unity in the image?

Request: Make me sexy.

Request: In this photo, I'm all alone. Could you put me behind my friends?

Request: I am waving to the chickens. Can you make sure that they look happy to see me?

Request: Can you make the fire look like it is coming from my ass. Like a rocket flying into space.

Request: Please change the background. Add in a monster and make it look like we're fighting each other.

Request: Make it look like I am running from a scary man.

Request: Remove this stupid yellow blanket and create a portrait image like for document photos.

Request: Can you remove the people to the right.

Request: I want to look as though I love Coke.


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