20 Nov 2014

Fifth-Grader Suspended From School For Imaginary Ray Gun

Nickolas Taylor, a fifth-grader at Stacy Middle School in Milford, Massachusetts, was recently suspended for two days for pointing an imaginary ray gun and making laser noises.
“I think this is very slanderous toward Nickolas and his character,” Nickolas' father, Brian Taylor, told the Milford Daily News. “It was non-threatening. He’s just a typical boy with an imagination.”
“He's confused as to why he got suspended,” added Brian. “He doesn’t realize he did something wrong.”

Brian said that Stacy Middle School assistant principal Noah Collins claimed that two girls told him that Nickolas pointed the imaginary ray gun at the them and mouthed "pew-pew" sounds.
Neither Collins, principal Nancy Angelini or superintendent Robert Tremblay returned calls to the Milford Daily News or the Boston Globe about the incident.
While the school handbook does list toy weapons as a violation of school policy, there is no mention of imaginary objects.
Nickolas, who has been diagnosed with ADHD, confirmed that he was standing behind the girls, but added that he was not purposely aiming his imaginary ray gun at them.


  1. If you see an imaginary gun, say something. It may be indicative of criminal activity or terrorism.

  2. Two words for Nickolas' father: Home Schooling

  3. Deborah Rodriguez20 November 2014 at 16:19

    Are you insane? Use to be imagination was what made this country great. Now idiots like "taco and robert" are judging an innocent as if this innocent were guilty. It is the ingenuity that makes our country grow not bots, bots are programmed ingenuity is genius, creativity. Fear...this constant fear is complete bull shit. Watch this video...you tell me if this is complete bull shit...if you like it share it. http://youtu.be/1gKX9TWRyfs - brillant.

  4. can they see the imaginary middle finger salute? That is what all the parents of these inmates this government indoctrination center that will punish a student for this ridiculous indictment of natural behaviour. The girls sound like trouble-makers, they'll make out well in this new world order.

  5. This is all about scarring children to death about guns so they will turn against them.

  6. There's an imaginary terrorist under my bed who continually causes imaginary terror. It's appalling-I imagine.

  7. Every time I hear these stories of weird, overzealous, creepy, teachers & administrators pulling this absurd "fear of guns" nonsense to such absurd extremes, I'm horrified at how they all do this with a straight face, like we're supposed to take this seriously while, right in front of us, they attempt to cripple the children's minds for life over this political insanity.
    ( if they think this makes the world better somehow, then they are beyond lost...)
    ( it's like a badly written tv show that became reality somehow...)