17 Nov 2014

After Posting Pictures Of Homeland Security Trucks On Facebook, Man Fired And Called A Terrorist

A U.S. Navy veteran was allegedly fired from his hotel job after posting photos and video on social media showing several dozen Homeland Security vehicles in a parking garage. To make matters worse, he was also accused of being a terrorist.

According to reports, Mark Paffrath, an employee at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield, Missouri, noticed several dozen Homeland Security vehicles parked in a garage after he was done with work, so out of curiosity, he posted some photos and a short video on Facebook.

“Why are all the cop cars here…I wonder if it has anything to do with Ferguson,” said Paffrath in his Facebook post. 

The next day, Paffrath returned to work and was immediately called to his boss’s office. When he entered manager Jeff Barker’s office, Paffrath was told that he needed to remove all photos and video of the cars from Facebook, so he did so right away without issue. He finished his shift and all was normal, but the following day, John Bohnert, director of security for Drury Hotels Company, LLC, was waiting for him.

“Mark told ASN that Mr. Bohnert advised him that his Facebook posts almost cost the company a $150,000 contract with the Department of Homeland Security and because of this he was being terminated,” reported Argus News Now. 

In addition to informing Paffrath that he was fired, Bohnert also reportedly said, “You're a terrorist and you have dishonorably served your country by posting the photos and video.”  

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  1. If the COWARDS are so afraid of being seen ........
    (1) How can they protect US?
    (2) They should park at home ......AND STAY THERE

  2. Big money lawsuit..

  3. The real cowards, the real terrorist, the real threats, are the people that would not do what this man did, and or back those that do. The real threat is the ignorance and or the stupidity of the weak non thinking so called americans that will buy into anything the govt. tells them, or ask them to do. The govt must answer to the people, the people must always question the govt. I believe it was Jefferson that said it is not only your right, but your duty to question your govt. When the people wake up and I doubt most will, they will learn they have no govt. for while they slept and or enjoyed silly toys they lost the nation for all.