22 Oct 2014

'Why is the world allowing a holocaust to happen again?' Brave North Korean shares harrowing story of escape

Yeonmi Park gestured out the window towards the view of the Royal Canal in Dublin, where an unsightly flotilla of plastic bottles floats on the surface, trapped by the lock.

"If this was North Korea, it would be bodies," she said.
"Every morning at riversides like this you can see dead bodies floating. If you go out in the morning, they are there."
It is her first time in Ireland and, indeed, Europe. But at the age of just 21, this sweetly-confident, intelligent and tiny-framed young woman, who managed to flee the famine-torn country at the age of 13, is already a global spokesperson for her own people - a people terrorised into submission and silence while the wider world ignores what she describes as a "holocaust".
She is the only North Korean person to come to Dublin for the One Young World summit at the National Convention Centre, even carrying the flag of the socialist republic with its five-pointed red star during the opening ceremony.
And she is one of a sparse handful of former citizens who has actually lifted the veil of what life is really like in the 'Socialist Paradise' - where people's bodies pile up rotting on the streets and on the floors of hospitals, dead generally from starvation. Nobody cares because they are too preoccupied with the despair they will be next. 
In an interview with the Irish Independent, Yeonmi told how her first memory is of being told by her mother at the age of four "not to even whisper because the birds and mice could hear you".
"That's what I learned from my mum and that was really early - so that's the way she could protect me from that terror," said Yeonmi.
People are not really "living" there, she says of life in that country. "They are surviving there, and surviving is not that easy actually."
When she was nine, she was forced to watch her best friend's mother being executed on the street before her eyes.
Her only crime had been she had watched a James Bond movie and shared the DVDs with neighbours.
Watching her body crumble to the ground was a seismic moment in how Yeonmi viewed the world.
"She was a very nice, gentle mother," she said.
"Always I knew that in North Korea when they kill the people, they justify themselves by saying these are criminals trying to destroy our socialist paradise.
"But I knew that lady. She was not that bad. She was not going to destroy our country," she said.
"She was just being killed because she watched the Hollywood movie, James Bond. And that's why she got killed."
That same year, Yeonmi's life changed catastrophically when her father, a mid-ranking civil servant, was arrested and imprisoned for selling precious metals to China on the black market.
Her mother, too, was interrogated and thrown into jail. Yeonmi and her sister, Eunmi were left to fend for themselves, at the age of nine and 11, foraging on the mountainsides for grasses, plants, frogs and even dragonflies to avoid starving to death. "Everything I used to see, I ate them," she said.
Asked if any adults around knew the children were surviving alone, Yeonmi tries to explain.


  1. Was she raised by wolves?

  2. Wolves are Zionists. They only feed the tribe.

  3. No resources to be exploited in NK, so the West could care less. It's only value is as a nuclear bogey-man.

  4. The nest thing they'll be telling us is that North Korea will put you in jail for not mowing your lawn. Ha!

  5. Because the world is being run now by the same people who were behind the holocaust: the occult Bolshevik, NaZi, Zionist neocons...

  6. Because the world is being run now by the same people who were behind the holocaust: the occult Bolshevik, NaZi, Zionist, Neoconservatives.

  7. Because the world is being run now by the same people who were behind the holocaust: the occult Bolshevik, NaZi, Zionist Neoconservatives.

  8. With all those body floating down stream. Is there anyone left in North Korea??
    Remind me of the words of , N Finkelstein mother. "With all those Holocaust survivors, Whom did Hitler kill."