12 Oct 2014

Ukrainians Are Throwing Politicians In Trash Cans For The #TrashBucket Challenge

Ukraine has its own “bucket challenge,” but in this game, the tables have turned. Ukrainians aren’t dumping buckets of ice water on their heads; they’re tossing unpopular politicians into dirty trash cans.
The trend first went public last month when Vitaly Zhuravsky, who authored a bill to make protesting punishable by jail time, was thrown into a dumpster by an angry mob.
But it actually began about a week before.
In Odessa, southern Ukraine, radical members of right-wing group Right Sector dumped Oleg Rudenko, an insurance official accused of taking a $45,000 bribe, into a trashcan and shut the lid as he screamed.
After Zhuravsky, #TrashBucketChallenge expanded to Viktor Pylypyshyn, another former colleague of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, on Sept. 25.
A failed attempt was then made on lawmaker Nestor Shufrych, who’s up for re-election at the end of the month.
Right Sector beat him and bloodied his face, but police officers rushed him onto a bus before a trash can could be brought in on Sept. 30.
The most recent victim was an official of the central Ukrainian city of Kirovograd. Oleh Lyashko, leader of the Radical Party and third runner up in last May’s presidential election, accused the official of lying and personally threw him into a trash can last week.
Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov asked Right Sector to cease the acts of revenge, writing on Facebook that they are only making the country’s quest for peace more difficult.

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