3 Oct 2014

Turkish President Erdogan tells conference: 'I am increasingly against the internet every day'

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has defended his government’s efforts to control online speech, telling a press freedom conference: “I am increasingly against the Internet every day.”

Mr Erdoğan’s comments came during an “unprecedented” meeting with the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the International Press Institute (IPI).

The meeting, which also included Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ, took place as the Turkish parliament voted on military action in Syria.
Turkey’s leaders "aggressively" defended its record on press freedom during the 90-minute conference, and criticised various media outlets for “polarising and distorting coverage of recent events” such as the Gezi Park anti-government rallies.

Local newspapers and major publications such as The New York Times and CNN International were among those slammed by officials, according to the CPJ.
"Media should never have been given the liberty to insult," Mr Erdoğan was quoted as saying during the 90-minute meeting.

He also expressed concern that criminal and terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State go online to recruit followers, saying he is "increasingly against" the internet.

His remarks come after he approved a law tightening control of the internet and increasing the powers held by telecoms authorities earlier in September.
Earlier in the year, the President came under a storm of criticism for attempting to block access to Twitter and YouTube after users spread allegation of corruption ahead of elections.


  1. Well, of course, Brother Erdogan is against the Internet. How else would the people of Turkey, the world, finally realize he is a Masonic tool for the expansion of the Israeli empire of Asia Minor? That he doesn't represent the people of Turkey, or the voice of Islam, for that matter? So, of course, he going to be against the Internet.

  2. The facts, are not at all suporting ErDOGan, at all.

    In Norway and the other scandinavian lands not Finnland and Iceland, they had for 3-4 years ago, with the curtecy of the "intelligence comunety" encuraged people, from the respective lands and all whom wanted to, fight in Libya against Gaddafi, where we had some cousy home intervjues from Libyan fighter inside Libya, and some months later they moved to Syria to figth for "freedom and justice", still hailed by our MSM and goverment, even the freaks of the rightwinged shittpack, hailed them.
    This is of course, conviniently forgotten, but its there.

    Thats the truth, and now, the same people are hammered as Muslim terrorists, every one of them, incl in Libya, no woundr they feel betrayed, and now they have awakened to the fact, they where fooled to bit the bate, with line an all.
    This is and was done by the western lands as Germany and British when down there to fight what they belive was a genuine fight for the cause, and of course, regading the long term plannings done by the scumbaggs, and ZioNazis, they whent straight into the trapp.

    To make this kind of statments, when we all know that ISIS is a fake org, a name invented to make the cause plausable and ediable for the idiots all over europa, when Arabs are equally braindead as the rest, incl the right winged freaks and the lying scum of the left side of the feilds.

    ErDOGan is been bitten by the Ottomanian Bugg, and is probably dreaming of old times, and will eventually him self walk straigth into the same trapp, because the truth is, they regard him as a subhuman anyway, whom is wurth lesser than a good cow, a Goiym.
    They never learn, not the Turks either, idiots.
    ErDOGan is a raving delutional madmann.
    And will dragg Turkey, and I was planning to retire in one of the few citys I really wanted to do so in, namely Istanbull, the old Constantinopel.
    And Turkey is trully packed with ancient cites, whan\t a f... mess He wil create when they awaken and that will be to late, Turks will be hated all over the world, after the lunatic have wrecked everything deasent and true about the Turkish people and land.