13 Oct 2014

Monitor built from an old laptop screen

old laptop
Sweet, version number
It's alive!

I designed an enclosure in Adobe Illustrator, and had it cut out in plywood on a lasercutter at the local Fablab, a place where they have those kind of machines. Twice a week, you can come in and use the machines for free. You just have to pay for the material you use, and write about what you're making on their site.

I wasn't sure about the height of the stand, so I made it in a way that I could easily adjust it later, by using a shorter or longer plank. There's better ways to do it, but this works okay.

stand 2
This is how the stand is assembled. The little square piece holds it together, but I also glued it.

stand 3
and this is how the stand attaches to the back. The stand recepticle is screwed in from the inside, so I could remove it if needed.

screen inserted
Here's how the screen fits in. The sides of the enclosure are made of several layers, and the screen rests on the backmost ones so it is pushed against the front of the enclosure.

controller inserted
I screwed in the controller board, inverter and button panel through the existing mounting holes. The board with its connectors is pretty fat, so that adds to the thickness of the enclosure.

all aboard
I screwed down the front panel, so it could be removed. I'm quite pleas with it, but if I'd do it again I'd fill in the top. As it is the top of the front panel is rather loose and flimsy. Oh well.


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