17 Oct 2014

Mexican Lady uses tweeter to warn about shootings and violence in Tamaulipas, Drug dealers find her, kill her and upload picture to twitter

A Mexican surfer who denounced activities of drug cartels through social networks was murdered and his corpse photo appeared on his own Twittering r, announced today the page that was working.
According to Value Tamaulipas, disclosing risk (SDR) via Facebook and Twitter, the woman, who was identified as Miut3, was kidnapped on Wednesday.
"I'm sorry, and it hurts so much this damn thing, yesterday morning was deprived of his freedom Miut3 companion today with horror I see from your account placed messages and photos of an angel that they snatched life "reported the administrator. 
The attorney general of Tamaulipas, in northeastern Mexico, has not yet confirmed the murder. "So far we have no complaints about it not knowing that something happened," a spokesman told dpa.
The account of the netizen was apparently because they were usurped by announcing his death to all his followers and revealing their identity.
"Friends and family, my real name is Maria del Rosario Fuentes Rubio. I'm a doctor today that my life has come to an end," says the first of the tweets about his death sent from your account. In another, a warning is: "I found the death for nothing (...) They are closer to us than we think."
This murder would not be the first against netizens to denounce organized crime activities. In 2011 journalist Maria Elizabeth Macias, 39, who was reported in an Internet portal, was beheaded in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas .


  1. "Mexican Lady uses tweeter"? Perhaps she should have used a woofer instead!

  2. I wonder if these were the drug dealers who received high powered firearms from Bush and Obama.