18 Oct 2014

At age 18, every American man gets a card in the mail from the federal government notifying him of the requirement to sign up for the Selective Service—commonly known as “the draft.” Women have always been excluded from this rite of passage, but New York lawyer is on a mission to change that.

At age 18, every American man gets a card in the mail from the federal government notifying him of the requirement to sign up for the Selective Service—commonly known as “the draft.” Women have always been excluded from this rite of passage, but New York lawyer Roy den Hollander is on a mission to change that.
Hollander, a self-described “anti-feminist” lawyer, is planning a class-action lawsuit to force the federal government to include women in mandatory draft registration.
The only problem is that Hollander can’t find any women to join his lawsuit. For the past year, Hollander has been trying to find a female plaintiff between ages 18 and 25 to act as the lead representative of his case.
“It’s kind of like dating,” he explained in an interview. “First they say yes, then no, then maybe, then no.”
In response to a reporter’s observation that women’s groups do not seem to like him very much, Hollander responded, “I think that might be the problem.”
Hollander has made headlines by filing challenges to things such as ladies’ nights at bars, arguing they amount to gender discrimination.
“There’s no justice for guys in this day and age,” Hollander, 67, said after a court threw out his case alleging age and gender discrimination because a New York nightclub forced him to buy bottle service to enter while allowing young women to walk in for free.
An appeals court threw out two of his other lawsuits to halt federal funding of Columbia University’s feminist studies program. Hollander argued that feminism constitutes a “modern-day religion.”
In a follow-up email to the Washington Free Beacon, Hollander sent along a list of the kinds of women he has attempted—and failed—to recruit for his case. The extensive catalogue included entries such as “Girl rugby players,” “Sororities,” and “Prof. Camille Paglia.”
“Even [novelist] Erica Jong dissed my efforts,” Hollander wrote.
In 1981, the Supreme Court ruled the federal government could require only males to register for the draft. The court based its ruling partly on Pentagon policy barring women from combat roles.
Hollander argues that “since then, the statutes have been repealed and the Pentagon’s policy has changed, so the court’s reasoning no longer applies.” He says exempting women from draft registration amounts to a violation of their equal protection rights under the Constitution.
Hollander notes that the National Organization of Women filed an amicus brief in the 1981 Supreme Court case.


  1. I don't believe women should fight in wars AT ALL. Not because I think they can't but for the most practical and survival reason : after the war is over, women are needed to repopulate a country. If women are getting killed, there won't be many left to have children for the country's re population.

  2. There are ONLY two legitimate reasons to fight in a war; 1) To defend your
    home and 2) to defend the Constitution. Anything else is for the bankers.
    Every 18 year old man should tell the government to go to hell and refuse.

  3. So women have a different duty to the state then men?

    My, what a sexist pos you are.

  4. Its common sense, not sexist. Get real, the politically correct crap is so old and useless.

  5. I notice those Kurdish women are kicking ass against ISIS. And the Viet Cong had some great fighters. Of course American women would have to leave their mascara and sex toys home.

  6. Having been in the USAF for 10 years , in the mid 60's . we used to have a womens barracks where one whole floor was lesbians and no one said a word. But if a guy was gay, it was Bye Bye LOL

  7. The rate of rape is very high in the USA military already. Both men and women .

  8. This is proof that feminists are mostly phony in their claims of wanting all things equal in society.
    Not that we should make this change anyway since that will just give Israel (who directs our wars & ensnares us into them for their benefit) more cannon fodder for their agenda of getting the Goyim to die for their hyper racist state.

  9. Wars are for bankers or for Israel's benefit...

  10. Great idea!
    Israel will double the amount of Goyim cannon fodder for the US led wars that benefit their hyper racist nation!!

  11. Yes, Joe, honey, I got your back , go ahead and attack that bunker. Oh, wait, I have to change my Tampon first. BLAM

  12. Joe, honey, does my ass look big in these fatigues??

  13. Women change their tune at the drop of a hat. They want total equality but it depends on the situation. Can you say AMORAL??

  14. I remember those days. We had a group of WACS on base with whom we were not allowed to fraternize, but most didn't need or want us. I nearly got a 13 for banging one of the straight ones, and soon after, she got flipped by the others just to fit in.

  15. Logic. Try it sometime. You might find it refreshing. Oh, and it's spelled POS.

  16. I was banging one also at Offutt AFB. Even though straight she wasn't the type you would want having children.

  17. Just as the jury is the citizen's last line of defense against unjust
    charges from an out of control government (that's what jury
    nullification is all about), so is NOT having a draft a citizen's last
    line of defense against stupid foreign policy. History proves that when
    a nation is genuinely threatened, men will form lines around the block
    to join the military. It's only when our leaders have gotten us into
    another idiotic fray for their and their cronies own enrichment that men
    balk (think Vietnam). There shouldn't be a draft for men OR women if we want to have a sane
    foreign policy. But if we are to have a draft at all, it should be for
    men AND women if we are to claim a fair and equal society. I am sick of
    it being okay for males to be blown apart in war but we reserve a
    completely different attitude for women in body bags. Maybe if men and
    women got killed in equal numbers we would re-think war; if that's what
    it takes, I'm all for drafting women.

  18. A nation that can no longer instill pride in its youth, so that they would wish to defend their own homeland, deserves to die and make way for betters.

    Only racism or some form of supremacist bigotry could cause a people to defend their own selfish interests if they are not the better society.

    Unless you believe that your society and culture are great and worthy of being proud of, you have no right to demand anyone defend you.

  19. Defense implies an attack upon your country; we haven't fought defensively since Santa Anna attacked Texas......