29 Mar 2014

1,892 US Veterans have committed suicide since January 1, 2014

On average, 22 veterans commit suicide each day, according to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).
To commemorate them and raise awareness, 32 veterans from the group flew to Washington, D.C., to plant 1,892 flags on the National Mall today, one for each of the veterans that the group says took his or her own life in 2014. IAVA extrapolated that number from a 2012 Veterans Administration reportfinding that 22 veterans took their lives each day in 2009 and 2010, only a slight increase from years past, and a number that includes all veterans, not just those who served in America’s more recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The event was part of IAVA’s 2014 Storm the Hill campaign, an annual week of action in which organization vets meet with lawmakers to push a veterans’ agenda picked for that year. In 2013, it was the Veterans Affairs benefits-claim backlog; this year, it’s veteran suicides.
“I know several individuals that have died by suicide,” Sara Poquette of Dallas, a video journalist who served in Iraq, said, adding that she herself considered suicide while experiencing the hardships of reintegrating into civilian life. “For me personally, it was more just getting through until I was really ready to get help, just realizing that my life was going down a path that I never really wanted it to go down.”
In Joining IAVA, Poquette said, she found a “new unit.”
The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is pushing a bill, the Suicide Prevention for America’s Veterans Act, which Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont., plans to introduce. Walsh commanded a Montana National Guard battalion in Iraq.
“When we returned home, one of my young sergeants died by suicide, so this is very personal to me,” Walsh told reporters on the Mall today, calling veteran suicides “an epidemic we cannot allow to continue.”
The bill would extend eligibility for Veterans Administration health care, create a pilot program for student-loan repayment if health care professionals work for the VA, instigate a review of certain behavioral discharges, and mandate a review of mental health care programs at the VA, IAVA said.
The group is calling on Congress to pass the bill by Memorial Day.


  1. I can see VA managers and congressmen popping open bottles of wine and celebrating over this report.

  2. I am not disturbed, when you are a mercenary for hire to murder little children for empire, don't expect us to shed tears. good riddance, and I hope their numbers increase.

  3. that is a refreshing statement and worthy of emphasis...or biblically speaking
    "let the mischief of their own lips cover them...and their own evil hunt them down to destroy them (psalm 140)"
    a preacher once told me...watch out for those nonbelievers you kill...they'll put the voodoo on you"
    Actually...these troops curse themselves...and their kin....and the hits just keep on coming

  4. George Beerwood30 March 2014 at 00:16

    As a Vietnam Vet and HAPPY ex American (renounced last year) I can understand it. I went thru that phase about 40 years ago. I left the USA 24 years ago and thank my lucky stars daily I got offered high paying overseas job.

  5. They stirred up a hornets nest of demons when they invaded Iraq, demons that have been there for thousands of years. In fact it is probably the biggest demonic hotbed in the world (with the possible exception of Washington DC). The demonic oppression the soldiers are under can be unbearable. Conversely, the politicians probably enjoy it as they are rewarded by the kingdom of darkness for their miscreant behavior.

  6. Michael L Bollman30 March 2014 at 08:16

    I agree 100% with that
    reap what you sow American terrorists

  7. Reading comments, I can't help but to recognize the paid commentors and/or the enemy among us under screen names to make them appear to be someone they are not.

  8. Obama and his fascist Senate and Congress don't give a damn about these suicides. To them it's just one less potential dissenter to worry about killing them. It will all come to an end for these treasonous sellouts soon when their puppet masters decide to eliminate their possible whistle-blowing.