14 Aug 2013

Congressman claims climate science is "more of a religion than a science," then demonstrates his science knowledge by saying global warming is actually a good thing because "there will be more photosynthesis going on."

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When we last heard from Rep. Steve King (R-IA) he was waxing nonsensically about the cantaloupe sized-calves of Mexican immigrants, which is apparently a bad quality in a potential citizen. The 64-year-old Congressman is in the news again, this time after dismissing evidence of global warming at an anti-big government rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.
It is not proven, it’s not science. It’s more of a religion than a science.
To be fair, Rep. Steve King isn’t terribly fond of science, whereas he REALLY.  FUCKING.  LOVES.  RELIGION.  And considering he thinks a man running over his neighbor’s dog and asking his neighbor’s forgiveness scientifically “proves” America is a Christian nation (video below), it’s not clear he actually knows that the word “proven” means “to establish the truth of, through supporting evidence” rather than, for instance, “dragons,” or “pudding.”
So if you think about it, it’s entirely possible that the Tea Party Congressman was actually praising environmentalists. In his own mind, Rep. King may have simply been saying climate science “is not [dragons], it’s not [a bad, anti-Jesusy thing].  It’s more of a [totally awesome thing] than a [bad, anti-Jesusy thing].” Which is totally true!!  But alas, no, that’s not what he meant. Apparently, the Iowa Congressman not only thinks global warming isn’t happening, if the Earth is getting warmer, that’s a good thing:
Everything that might result from a warmer planet is always bad in [environmentalists’] analysis. There will be more photosynthesis going on if the Earth gets warmer . . .  And if sea levels go up 4 to 6 inches, I don’t know if we’d know that.
Plus, even if sea levels really do go up to noticeable levels, just think of all the oceanfront views Iowa would gain!

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  1. Like the simple fact, that the reason for this ear shattering silence about a issue constantly whined about and pimped hard for a decade, the desert spreading/expanding and a hole range of arrmagedons.

    The fact is that He is spott on, and the earth is infact unusaly could in its 4.5 billion year history. Moust of the time, our earth have been significantly warmer than to day.
    Water rising, an ex. 2000-3000 years ago, the sea level was 13.5 m above present, archeologicaly well known.
    And the average world temp was mutch higher.
    And we are stil here.
    Even the polar bears.


    To the congress man, johoo, ripp them apart.