8 May 2013

Couple who got fertility drugs to start a family are now expecting their SEVENTEENTH baby

A couple who used a fertility drug are now expecting their seventeenth baby.
Christi and Dave Cason, from Lake Elsinore, California, already have nine boys and seven girls, aged 23 down to two, and say they would love to have 20 children in total.

Christi, 41, said: 'Each baby is different. There is always the excitement of who will they look like, what will their personality be like, will they have blonde or brown hair?
'I don't think I'm addicted to pregnancy. We just never felt that our family was complete.' 

Christi and Dave, 45, a telecoms engineer, went through 20 months of heartache, including suffering two miscarriages, before falling pregnant in February with the help of the fertility drug Clomid.

Christi, who is a master at stretching Dave's $80,000 (£50,000) a year income, decided she wanted a 17th baby just five months after youngest Nathaniel, two, was born.
But sadly, despite falling pregnant within three months, Christi lost the baby just before her 12 week scan.The couple tried again for a year without success, then, in September 2012, Christi's GP suggested she take Clomid, which stimulates the hormones necessary for ovulation.
'We were desperate,' said Christi. 'We really wanted another baby and had never had any problems conceiving in the past.
'The biggest age gap between any of our other children is only 22 months.'
Just three months later, in November 2012, Christi was overjoyed when she fell pregnant. But tragically, just three days before Christmas, she miscarried again at nine weeks.
Although devastated, Christi and Dave were determined to try again, and are thrilled she is now 16 weeks pregnant.
Christi also believes her health has improved in recent months, meaning she may have ovulated this time, even without help.
'I feel really positive for the future,' she added. 'I think if we try for an 18th baby I might not need any medication.
'Labours are always pretty easy and I never get morning sickness. I love seeing the bump grow and feeling the first kick.'
The couple are also celebrating becoming grandparents for the first time, after eldest daughter Jessica, 23, gave birth to baby Jaedyn, and Christi will be baby-sitting while Jessica is at work.

Jessica and the other children, Chad, 21, Dalton, 20, Austin, 18, Bailey, 16, Gage, 15, Kaylee, 13, Harper, 12, Emma, 11, Rebekah, nine, Trevor, eight, Walker, seven, Morgan, six, Laura, five, Sawyer, three, and Nathaniel, two, are all excited to be expecting a new brother or sister.
The couple explained they did not have a big family for religious reasons - but simply because they love having one.

'I hope people don't judge us. We know we can afford a 17th child and all the children get loads of love and attention,' said Christi.
Dave added: 'Christi is a wonder at making the budget stretch. I'm so excited we're having a 17th. I've already told everyone at work - way before I usually do.'
The couple's day begins at 5am, when Dave leaves for work and Christi starts the chores and preparing waves of children for school.
The family produce three to seven loads of laundry per day, and get through at least two boxes of cereal, two gallons of milk and a loaf of bread.

Dave's $80,000, (£50,000) salary covers the family's $1,300 a month mortgage for their five-bedroom home, $1,600 month food bill and $1,900 bills and expenses.
'Even though we can't afford vacations, with a big family there are always so many other things you can do to have fun,' said Christi.
'One baby won't cost us much more, we have baby clothes and nappies already.'
Despite their hectic schedules, the couple still make time for date nights and even go away for weekends while the older children babysit. Christi said making time for each other was essential to keep a marriage strong. 
She added: 'Dave and I always make sure we have time for each child individually. All the kids love to snuggle up to us and watch TV in the evenings. We're all very close.'


  1. I so wish I could have afforded this. My two boys are so wonderful, and the men they have become makes me regret not having more children.
    The world needs more loving and kind people.

  2. Can't fix stupid.

    1. If they aren't dependent on welfare then stupid doesn't enter into it.

  3. like a drug addict, your a baby addict. admit you have a problem.

  4. I bet these inbreds are all on Welfare.

  5. Each child is a blessing, good for you and keep enjoying life!