22 Apr 2013

Is this the worst first day in history? Rookie news anchor A.J. Clemente suspended after first words on air are 'f****** s***'

In the Worst Case Scenario section entitled 'first day in my new broadcasting job' the name A.J. Clemente will forever be present.

Mr Clemente, a rookie KFYR news anchor, opened his first-ever broadcast for his new station by saying  'f****** s***' into a live microphone, leaving his co-anchor, and no doubt his producers, dumbfounded by his sweary outburst.

Video footage of the incident, which has now gone viral, shows Mr Clemente's colleague Van Tieu, who was clearly thrown by his colourful language, stumble mid-introduction.
Clemente then thanks Tieu for the introduction and begins talking about his history, saying he is a graduate of West Virginia University and: 'I’m used to, you know, from being from the East Coast.'

He goes on to read a news story about a fatal crash that happened earlier that day.
Following complaints about the broadcast KFYR-TV responded with a post on Facebook.
Monica Hannan, KFYR-TV News Director wrote: "I want to apologize for an incident that occurred prior to our early newscast this evening, when one of our employees used profanity on air", adding: "He did not realize his microphone was on, but still, that's no excuse."
Hannan also informed viewers that the news reader had been suspended following the incident.

Despite his catastrophic introduction to KFYR-TV the popularity of the clip may yet save Mr Clemente.

His subsequent suspension has become a matter of much debate on the micro-blogging site Twitter with people using the hashtag #keepAJ and calling for him to keep his job.
For his part, the hapless newsreader tweeted following the incident: 'That couldn't have gone any worse'.


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  2. The look and hesitation of the anchor woman was priceless!

  3. When are the Puritan imbeciles in this country going to get past mere words? Can't they focus on the million other things that they should be bitching about concerning the USSA, and the Jew-owned crooks in DC, for example?

  4. Sht happens. LOL

  5. Most truthful part of the newscast.

  6. No doubt he was looking at his work schedule !!! (LOL)

    A.J., thanks for a laugh in a time of sadness.

    I wish you the best in your search for a new job.

  7. AJ , Thank you for being a man, a masculine man that is.
    Wishing you the best in your new job search, dont forget "when one door is closed another is open"