19 Apr 2013

Hero of the Boston bombings How father who lost his soldier son in Iraq saved lives after blasts rocked his home city

An inspirational anti-war protester whose soldier son died in Iraq and another took his own life is being hailed a hero after he selflessly rushed to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings seconds after the attacks.
Costa Rican immigrant Carlos Arredondo has described how, as most people ran for their lives, he vaulted a fence to get to spectators, many of whom had lost limbs, and used his clothes and towels to stanch victims' bleeding.
'I jumped the fence after the first explosions and all I saw was a puddle of blood and people with lost limbs,' he told ABC News. 'I saw adults, much younger than myself -- ladies, men, pretty much everyone was knocked out.'
Mr Arredondo helped one victim, now identified as Jeff Bauman Jr., who was missing both his legs and drenched in blood, into a wheelchair that race medical staff had brought and said he kept talking to the man so he wouldn't lose consciousness.

'I kept talking to him. I kept saying, "Stay with me, stay with me,"' Mr Arredondo, who is a member of the Red Cross disaster team, told Maine Today.
A graphic photograph shows the hero seemingly pinching shut the femoral artery on one of Mr Bauman's part-severed legs using his hand as they rush him to ambulances. 
The 'catastrophic' scene wasn't the first time Mr Arredondo's life has been rocked by a blast.
The 52-year-old's eldest son, 20-year-old Lance Corporal Alexander Arredondo died in action nine years ago.
The father was dealt another devastating blow, when his second son Brian, 24, committed suicide just before Christmas 2011 as the final troops withdrew from the war which killed his brother.
Brian had suffered with depression and battled drug addiction ever since Alexander's death.

Carlos Arredondo on Memorial Day, 2009, with his truck decked out in memory of his son, who was killed at the age of 20 while serving as a Marine during the Iraq War

Peace activist Carlos Arredondo's courageous effort to help the wounded after the 2013 Boston Marathon explosion

Marine Lance Corporal Alexander Arredondo (left) was killed in Iraq in 2004. His brother Brian took his own life last month after struggling to deal with his elder brother's death

Brian Arredondo (left) joins his father Carlos as they attend a memorial for his brother Alexander who was killed in the Iraq war. Brian took his own life just before Christmas 2011.

Carlos Arredondo holds a portrait of his son Alexander, who died during the conflict in Iraq, outside the White House in 2006


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