11 Mar 2013

Undercover Cops Shoot And Kill 16-Year-Old Boy In New York City

On Saturday night, two undercover police officers shot and killed 16-year-old Kimani Gray. According to the police account, the officers approached Gray when he “adjusted his waistband in what the police describe as a suspicious manner.” When the police asked him to “show his hands,” they claim Gray turned around and pointed a gun at the officers, who fired 11 rounds. The weapon police say belonged to Gray was not fired.
Although there is no confirmed evidence of wrongdoing by the officers, whose names have not be released, several witnesses cast doubts on the official version of the incident:
1. Eyewitness says Gray was “running for his life” when he was shot dead. “‘He was running for his life, telling the cops, ‘Stop,’ said witness Camille Johnson. ‘They really are, seriously, walking around, shooting little kids.’” [Pix11,3/10/13]
2. Eyewitness says Gray was adjusting his belt, not shooting his gun, when the shooting began. “Mr. Gray’s sister, Mahnefah Gray, 19, said that a witness to the shooting told her that her brother had been fixing his belt when he was shot.” [New York Times, 3/10/13]
3. Eyewitness says, after he was shot, Gray said “please don’t let me die.” One of the officers responded “Stay down or, we’ll shoot you again.” [New York Times, 3/10/13]
4. Friends says “Kimani had just returned from a baby shower, and was shot only minutes after he was dropped off on East 52nd Street.” [NY1, 3/10/13]
5. Gray’s sister and others say he did not own a gun. “Mr. Gray’s sister, Mahnefah Gray, 19, said that a witness to the shooting told her that her brother had been fixing his belt when he was shot. She, among others who knew Mr. Gray, said they had never known him to have a gun.” Gray’s cousin, Malik Vernon, also “insisted he didn’t own a gun.” [New York Times, 3/10/13; New York Post, 3/11/13]
NY1 does quote an anonymous source saying Gray was “holding the gun for a friend.” The police were quick to note that Gray had “four prior arrests.”


  1. And these trained lunatics the state refers to as "peace officers" should be the only ones to carry a gun to "protect and serve" the citizens?

  2. What is the world coming to? Every time a black kids walking around they have to be automatically carrying a gun. But yet police officers are suppose to protect us.

  3. Warren Vs. District of Columbia explains the supposed protection you are talking about.
    No duty to protect you period plain and simple learn it live it and no you don't have to love it just understand it.

  4. I'm not a big fan of most police officers, but why is it that the second a black person is murdered right away people want to suspect foul play & point fingers at the white officers? Isn't that racial within itself??? Yes it is! Uh maybe he shouldn't have been walking around with "his friends" gun in the first place and he would have avoided this all together! I'm not one bit racist, but I am getting pretty tired of alot of black people in the media lately wanting to blame the police for certain peoples ghetto ass actions 100% of the time! What ya think he was gonna do with that gun? Shoot rainbows in the sky? No dumb asses! Quite frankly the police have taken one life, but may have saved others by taking a gun carrying thug off the streets! Sorry, but people need to stop playing the hate crime card! Thats including MYSELF! Just so ya know I am not white and I am gay! I have gone through fucked up shit in my life, but Im not gonna walk around blaming everything bad that happens to me on the fact that Im Gay! And even if I were white I would still have the same right to say what the fuck I just did cuz its the TRUTH! People need stop making quick racial assumptions & INVESTIGATE in an appropriate manner before they jeopardize the reputation of EVERY officer who happens to shoot a gun tooting thug out of self preservation! Believe me I KNOW "some" are pigs, but NOT ALL! I bet you wont be calling them pigs when someone is trying to break into your home or something & your asses is calling on one to put THEIR LIFE on the line to come save YOUR ass! ~Sincerely~ A very disgusted citizen of today's society!

  5. The same assumptions you are making that he was indeed carrying a gun. The same assumption you are making that 100% of the time the victim is wrong. I believe there are good cops and bad ones but hey let's see what you say (god forbid) when its someone you love on the other end. Your sexuality or race has nothing to do with being hypocritical

    1. I think you need to read up more on the story & reread what I wrote cuz you clear misunderstood & misinformed!