9 Mar 2013

17 People Forced To Hold Signs As Punishment

 A Cleveland judge ordered 32-year-old Shena Hardin to stand at an intersection for two days holding a sign that reads, "Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."
  Fifteen-year-old James Mond III's punishment for doing poorly in school?Standing on a Tampa Bay street corner wearing this sign, as written by his mom: "My name is James W. Mond III. I did 4 questions on my FCAT test and said I wasn't going to do it! GPA 1.222. Honk if I need [an] education.”
  William Taylor of Virginia had an affair. His wife decided to make him own up to itvery, very publicly.
 Erol Faustin, 12, told his teacher that he didn't "give a f*ck" and got suspended for three days. His mom decided to make it even worse.
 Miami teen Michael Bell Jr.'s parents confined him to a busy intersection wearing an incriminating sandwich board after he brought home failing grades. "Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?" read the front of the sign, while the back read, "I'm in the 7th grade and got 3 F's. Blow your horn if there's something wrong with that."
  The parents of a 10-year-old Australian boy forced him to wear this sign at a local waterpark while they ate lunch nearby. They also reportedly made him wear Shrek ears the whole time, which is almost more awesome.
  Dynesha Lax of Fort Wayne, Indiana, made her 14-year-old son boast this sign as punishment for several hours outside their home.
 After getting caught stealing a fork from the W hotel restaurant, this Los Angeles man was forced to stand outside the hotel and declare his crime to the world.
 Quandria Bryant's father forced her to walk down a busy highway in New Bern, North Carolina, carrying a large sign reading, "I have a bad attitude I disrespet [sic] people who try to help me."
  Fifteen-year-old Jasmine's parents made her stand near their Florida home bearing this embarrassing placard.
 This fifth-grader was suspended for four days for bullying; his mom augmented the punishment by making him hold this sign outside the school gates.
 An Alabama judge required two shoplifters to wear incriminating signs outside Walmart on busy Saturdays if they wanted to avoid jail time.
 This 12-year-old girl took a picture of herself with an (unopened) alcohol bottle from her father’s bar and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “Wish I could drink this vodka.” Her mom made her pose with this sign and posted the shot to her daughter's Instagram account.
 Thirteen-year-old Brandon Mathison's mom dropped him off at a busy intersection in their South Carolina town wearing a sandwich board reading, "Smoked pot, got caught." "Timeouts and taking things away just doesn't work any more," his mom said. "Sometimes a little public humility is what they need nowadays to get a point across. If this works for him and maybe saves one or two other students from thinking about picking this stuff up, then I feel like I've done my job as a parent."
 Whatever the story is behind this one, it's got to be good.
 Tina Griekspoor and her mother, Evelyn Border, used Walmart gift cards worth $30 and $50 they found in the store, which had been misplaced by a child.
A judge ordered a Maryland woman who stole $4.52 worth of fuel to stand outside the gas station wearing a sandwich board sign declaring, "I was caught stealing gas."


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