5 Mar 2013

10-year-old boy keeps his father alive for 10 days after he falls by giving him food and fluids

A 10-year-old boy sustained his father's life for more than a week before a Lincoln police investigator found them at their home Friday, the older man unable to talk or move.
The boy told the investigator his father had fallen on a wet floor in mid-February and hit his head and body. 
Hartley Elementary Principal Jeff Rust called police after not seeing the boy in school for four days, Investigator Cynthia Koenig-Warnke said in an affidavit filed in Lancaster County Juvenile Court.
The boy answered the door at his house when Koenig-Warnke arrived Friday. She found the 45-year-old man lying on a footstool inside.
The man had his eyes open and was breathing, but he couldn't respond to questions, Koenig-Warnke stated in the court filing, which sought permission from a judge for the state Department of Health and Human Services to take temporary custody of the boy while his father is treated.
The family has no relatives in the Lincoln area, and the 10-year-old had been providing nutrition and fluids while his father was incapacitated.
The boy said his father's bones were hurt and he hadn't moved or used the bathroom since the incident. The man was taken to Bryan West Campus, where a hospital spokeswoman said she had no information on his condition Sunday evening.
Meanwhile, Juvenile Judge Linda Porter has ordered that the boy remain in the state's care while his father is incapacitated. The boy told the investigator he has relatives in only Arizona and that his mother lives in Africa. 
A Lincoln Public Schools spokeswoman said the district  wouldn't get involved with the family's private matters.

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  1. Did they not have a telephone or a neighbor?