9 Feb 2013

Thief Calls Police On Himself After Stealing Car With Baby In Backseat

Police released new surveillance video today of the man suspected of carjacking an SUV with a baby still inside in The Bronx.
The parents of the adorable 8-month-old girl got the scare of their lives when they left the little girl in their idling SUV while going inside a Bronx store — and the vehicle was stolen with the child inside.
The suspect is described as a heavy-set man, wearing a black and white striped shirt, jeans and a baseball cap.
The video was taken by a parking garage on Inwood Ave. in The Bronx near the area where the silver Jeep was found abandoned just over an hour later with the child unharmed — after the perp phoned in the car’s location to police.
“There’s a baby in the back seat of the car,’’ the Spanish-speaking thief said in one of two quick phone calls he made to 911 from a pay phone in upper Manhattan, about 40 minutes away.
The crook gave the operator the location of the vehicle — two miles from the store — before hanging up and fleeing. He was still at large last night.
The baby’s dad, Patrick Julbe, 27, of Rockaway Park in Queens, had first gone into the Boost Mobile store on Morris Avenue and East Knightsbridge Road alone to look at cellphone cases, friends and cops said.
He left his girlfriend, Jennifer Rodriguez, and their baby, Ayanna Julbe, who was sleeping, in the running 2005 Grand Cherokee outside, they said.
Julbe tried to show Rodriguez a cellphone case through the window. But she couldn’t see, so she got out and went in the store, police and friends said.
“She stepped out for like a second,’’ said Kyrstal Guzman, who has a 6-year-old son with Julbe and was with him and Rodriguez after the incident.
That’s when the perp simply hopped behind the wheel and roared off — apparently unaware of the sleeping baby in the back.
Once Julbe realized what happened, he “started running after [the vehicle], but he couldn’t keep up,” said Guzman, 27.
“The parents were basket cases,’’ a law-enforcement source said.
The perp called 911 from a pay phone at 1421 Audubon Ave. in Washington Heights, apparently after spotting the baby in the back, ditching the Jeep and giving himself enough time to get away.
“I guess he drove off, and the baby started crying and he turned around and said, ‘Oh, my God. What have I done?’ ” Guzman said.
The SUV — and baby — were found at Goble and Jerome avenues in Mount Eden in The Bronx.
The child was taken to Montefiore Hospital for observation.
“She’s fine. She’s doing well, thank God,” Guzman said.
As for her frantic then relieved parents, “They’re doing much, much better.”
Law-enforcement sources said the baby’s parents would not be charged, although Guzman said they were meeting with the city’s children’s services agency to discuss what happened.


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