3 Feb 2013

A look at US presidents holding guns

The White House has released a photo of President Barack Obama firing a gun, two days before he is set to travel to Minnesota to discuss gun control. It shows Obama shooting at clay targets on the range at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland, where he says he engages in the sport "all the time."

 The image was released at a time when Obama is pushing a package of gun-control measures in response to the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. But the image of a U.S. president holding a gun is certainly nothing new. A number of men who have held the highest office in America have been pictured holding guns, from Theodore Roosevelt to George W. Bush.

 Here is a gallery of images showing some of the presidents who have taken up a gun, while in or out of office:

 Guns a blazing: The White House released this picture, taken on Aug. 4, of the president skeet shooting after skeptics questioned Mr Obama's claim that he enjoyed shooting at Camp David

 George W. Bush looks to the sky during a dove hunt in Hockley, Texas in 2004

 President George H. Bush displays a rifle given to him as a gift, in Billings, Mont. in 1992

 President Bill Clinton holds a Colt AR-15 rifle during a ceremony at the White House in 1994, where he launched efforts to pass the assault weapons ban

 President Jimmy Carter sights down the barrel of a shotgun in Atlanta in 1984

 Presidential pastime: John F. Kennedy skeet shooting at Camp David with actor David Niven and Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee in May 1963

 President Calvin Coolidge shoots at clay pigeons at his vacation home on the Brule at Superior, Wis, in 1928

 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Allied invasion chief, fires a Browning light machine gun using his hip as a mount, during an inspection of an infantry unit in England in 1944

President Theodore Roosevelt, posing as an 'outdoorsman' points his rifle during a studio photo session, date unknown


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