17 Feb 2013

A free school under a bridge in India

Rajesh Kumar Sharma founded a school under a Metro rail system bridge in New Delhi for the city’s impoverished children.
At least 30 children living in the nearby slums have been receiving free education from this school for the last three years.

Underprivileged children roll up their mats as a class ends at a free school run under a Metro rail system bridge in New Delhi. At least 30 children living in the nearby slums have been receiving free education from this school for the past three years.

Children roll up their mats at a free school run under the Metro bridge.
Children clean a portion of the school before the commencement of classes.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, left, the founder of a free school for children in New Delhi’s slums, and Laxmi Chandra, second from left, teach their students.

Rajesh, 8, reads from a blackboard, painted on a building wall under the Metro bridge.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma checks the work of Somnath, one of his students at their school.
A child reads from a blackboard painted on a building wall under the Metro bridge.


  1. Incriminally Sane17 February 2013 at 09:02

    isn't it sad that in the year 2013 there are still people that are so poor that they have no homes and cannot attend a real school while there are filthy rich politicians who profit off every possible business deal that happens in the world? I don't think this global community is working out too well as they all care not for the poor, they only care for money and power and if a school like this were to arise in Amerika, the children would be arrested and the teachers tazed and shot for violating some unknown law about stealing the perceived authority from the state. Sad, truly sad.

    1. could not agree more

  2. India's great religion, Hinduism, has a lot to contribute to this sorry state of the country. The religion divides people in four classes, the top being the Brahmin, the priest, and the bottom most being Shudra, the cleaner. One of my colleagues, who hails from Bihar told me that in his childhood, he could see certain people in the village would move with drums and brooms. They belonged to lowest caste. When they go out, they had to beat the drums to alert higher class people of their presence so as to avoid them and with brooms they'd remove their footprint. Now this used to happen in the last century, but a couple of years back, a temple priest in a temple in Rajasthan asked lower caste hindus to eat cow dung to purify them before entry into the temple.
    The religion has a goddess, Lakshmi, whom hindu worship to signify prosperity by hoarding wealth. The religion encourages the followers to grab wealth from whatever source they can. The most corrupt businessmen, and government officials contribute billions of rupees each year to the temples across the country to keeps gods happy.
    If you heard about a recent gangrape in delhi, in which the victim was so savagely raped that her intestines were injured and she later died, you probably got to know that Hindus worship Shivalinga, the penis of lord Shiva. One sect of Hindus take their newlywed females to temple to sit over a small black stone (mimicking Shivalinga) as an offer to pacify god's sexual rage!!!
    On the other side, over three million female fetuses are aborted in india each year. Widows are left to rot in Ashrams. Earlier, they were supposed to burn in dead husband's pyre (google 'sati').
    There's an organization (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, knows as RSS for short) which decides the political course of the nation. After India's independence, one of RSS's member, Nathu Ram Godse, assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.
    This country is a living example of hell on earth thanks to the efforts of hindu organizations like RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal, Shiv Sena, etc etc.

    1. I'm [NOT],supervised at the venom you,pour at a Humanitarian Act by none other than a Hindu.I can guess the religion you belong to.It is not,Muslim or Jew.
      In one religion and its Headquarters Satanism and Paedophelia are reportedly practised,in the 21st Century!Africans were used as Slaves by some races.The USA,Australia,New Zealand and Canada belong to the indigenous people,but alas!Porn is typical of some cultures,misused to destroy other Cultures.Apartheid was practised in some places..
      I have mentioned ONLY a very small percentage of the bad part of some races and cultures.
      There is good and bad in everything,like God and Satan.
      But Hinduism's good more than compensates its bad.And remember,when you point one finger at others,THREE point towards you,yourself.I pity yo for the HATRED yo spread,May God save you and teach yo love and forgive others and their faults.