5 Feb 2013

87% of Americans Say Tax the Wealthy More to Protect Social Security Benefits

Social Security is fully solvent until 2037 and is not in crisis. But one way to make sure there are no cutbacks in benefit cuts after that is to lift the payroll tax cap so wealthy Americans contribute more into the system.

new survey from the National Academy of Social Insurance finds that most Americans want to do just that. When survey respondents were asked how they felt about the statement “It is critical to preserve Social Security even if it means increasing Social Security taxes paid by wealthy Americans,” 87 percent of them agreed, with 62 percent of them strongly agreeing.
It’s worth noting that this number includes even 71 percent of self-identified Republicans (and 86 percent of self-identified independents).

Some of the survey's key findings:

• Americans don’t mind paying for Social Security because they value it for themselves (80 percent), for their families (78 percent), and for the security and stability it provides to millions of retired Americans, disabled individuals, and children and widowed spouses of deceased workers (84 percent).

• 84 percent believe current Social Security benefits do not provide enough income for retirees, and 75% believe we should consider raising future Social Security benefits in order to provide a more secure retirement for working Americans.

• 82 percent agree it is critical to preserve Social Security for future generations even if it means increasing Social Security taxes paid by working Americans, and 87% want to preserve Social Security for future generations even if it means increasing taxes paid by wealthier Americans.


  1. "Social Security is fully solvent until 2037". Obviously written by a government stooge, what a laughable joke. O.K. genius, where is this mythical fund? Oh, that's right, it's funded by Bennie Boy's magical printing presses. All is well, sleep tight tonight knowing Helicopter Ben will save the day.

    1. "Social Security is fully solvent until 2037"---WTF are these guys smoking? I want some. There is not a dime in SS. It was looted decades ago and replaced with worthless IOUs in a futile attempt to "balance" the budget. It is funded every year only when some more money is borrowed/taxed/stolen.

  2. Actually, SS takes in way more money that it pays out - and it IS completely solvent to 2037. AND this solution of taking the cap off of the social security tax, THUS MAKING IT A FLAT TAX, would make the system solvent even longer. Many of us have been saying this for years.

    It is not a Ponzi scheme. When that idiot Perry said that - and all these stooges repeated it - it makes you realize that people only argue ideologies and buzzwords with no basis in reality.

    1. What ignorance. Our who financial system is a Ponzi scheme based on debt based, fiat currency(nothing backing it up). Even Madoff admitted it. BTW, the money SS takes end is spent immediately.