1 Feb 2013

18 year-old Jamaican born footballer Raheem Sterling uses new contract with Liverpool FC to pay for Jamaican kids to go to school

When a teenage footballer signs his first big contract you expect him to splash out on a sports car, a new flat or maybe some sort of extravagant gift for their girlfriend.
If you believed the internet rumours, Liverpool's Raheem Sterling might have been expected to spend his first big pay-day on child support, as gossip mongers seemed to suggest he had impregnated half of Merseyside before his 18th birthday.
However, the winger has proved to have a much more level head on his shoulders than anybody ever gave him credit for and laughed off the inaccurate rumours about his procreating talents earlier this month.
Now, after signing a £40,000-a-week long-term deal with Liverpool just before Christmas, it has been revealed that Sterling is going to spend a chunk of money helping villagers in Jamaica get an education.
Despite already being capped by England, Sterling spent the first five years of life growing up in Maverley, a tough suburb in Jamaica's capital Kingston that is riddled by crime and poverty.
Now the Daily Star is reporting that Sterling will not forget about his homeland and is paying kids to go to school in the area he was born.
Sterling said about his decision to play for England: "My mother agrees with my decision and all is well. But I will be giving back to Jamaica where I began.”
His mother also told a Jamaican newspaper that that is now where his charity work will take place.
"He is definitely a positive influence. He was born and bred in Maverley.
"I started suggesting to him it would be great to go back to Jamaica and talk to the kids about working hard for success and not giving up on their dreams.’"
And one thing is for sure – Sterling listens to his mother! He told the Mirror earlier this month: "My Mum rules my life – she's a nightmare at times, but I love her and she’s the main person in my life.
“When I get home from training, she’s there, in my face. She’s there 24/7. I don’t know where she gets her knowledge from. At first she wouldn’t come to the games, but then she saw how much I liked it and really got into it.


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