18 Jan 2013

Man pays off $14K property tax bill with dollar bills, coins

Nobody likes paying bills, especially ones that total $14,000. Larry Gasper of Redding, Calif., paid his substantial property tax bill without the use of a checkbook.

Larry Gasper showed up with his trunk full of cash--and nothing was bigger than a dollar.

Gasper lost his tree business a couple of years ago, in part, because he couldn’t pay his taxes.

Gasper said he tried to pay half of the bill a few weeks ago but the county refused to take it.

Gasper gathered all the money he could and rolled it.

"I had to borrow some money,” said Gasper. “I’ve missed a few payments on my home to pay for my taxes for this piece of property.”My grand-kids' piggy banks, my daughters' piggy banks, my money , my change and a lot of people have offered to help a bit.”

Gasper said the money took a while to count. The representative at the office said that it is protocol that the money has to be given in full or it won’t be accepted.


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