6 Oct 2011

The Extinct Carolina Parakeet

Once abundant the beautifully colored Carolina Parakeets nested in tree hollows in large colonies in the cypress swamps in the South Atlantic and Gulf States.

They migrated North through the Eastern States as far as Pennsylvania and up the Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers to the Platte and regularly to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

They were kept as pets.

They were hunted for their feathers.

Large noisy flocks invaded orchards destroying fruit for its seed and so they were slaughtered as agricultural pests.

The Parakeets became rare by the 1880s. Incas, a Carolina Parakeet in the Cincinnati Zoo died in 1918. The last reported sighting in the wild was a small flock Florida in 1920. It was declared extinct by the American Ornithologists Union in 1939.


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